Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pinterest Quilt Inspiration


Quilts often provide amazing inspiration for card makers. The geometric designs, the colors, and the patterns give lots of food for the imagination.

Take this quilt, for instance.

I know this is a quilt and NOT crochet but it is crochet inspiration.  I think a granny square afghan made like this would be really cool and actually pretty easy to do.

I really, really love the spectrum colors and the movement of this quilt, but the stamping required to pull a true copy of this off made my brain hurt. Plus, the stamps I had in 3 sizes were just too big to make a full rainbow on a CAS card...not enough white space. That's when I came up with the idea of taking one line and making a small set of cards with coordinating envelopes.

I didn't have black gemstones in three sizes, so I used gray ones instead. So pretty! I stamped the envelope flaps and used gray ink for the flower centers since bling on an envelope isn't practical.

Here's how I made stamping these a little easier. Note that the center of the biggest flower is lined up on the center register mark of the block's grid lines. That's important!

To get the biggest flower in the exact middle of the card, I placed a ruler across the top of the card and aligned the middle grid line with the 2.75" mark on the ruler.

Once I'd stamped the three flowers on one side, I removed the large flower from the block, flipped the block, inked, and stamped. It was super easy to line everything up by positioning the center register mark in the exact center of the already-stamped biggest flower. Two impressions, and the stamping is done!

What a fun inspiration!

stamps: Papertrey Beautiful Blooms II
ink: Fresh Ink (tangerine, grass), Memento Luxe (dandelion and London fog)
paper: Papertrey
accessories: gray rhinestones


  1. Beautiful cards, love the pattern & fabulous inspiration.
    You could try a large geometric background stamp white embossed with a little colouring and lots of white space :)

  2. First time posting long time reading! ha.
    I had to chime in and say this is absolutely wonderful.. The quilt is quite the inspiration! I think I may have to use it too... (promise will reference back to you). Your take on the quilt is so simple and exact! I feel being exact is in its self a work of art and I must say you do it with elegance.

  3. What a super take on the quilt design, and thanks for the tips on accurate positioning

  4. Your project is fresh, clean, simple and wonderful! Thanks for explaining how you did the stamping.


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