Monday, January 2, 2017

In Case You Needed More Evidence

Sometimes I feel like I beat this dead horse, but truth is truth: bling makes things better.

Consider this simple and blingy card:

So much fun! These layered seahorses from Hero Arts look awesome in blues and greens, and the black label sentiment stands out nicely. But it's really the bling that brings this card together.

Consider the BEFORE photo:

Yep. It doesn't work, does it? Well, it doesn't help that the hello label isn't placed correctly and bisects the blue seahorse (poor baby!), but still. I hadn't attached it yet and just took this pic to show the difference between pre- and post-bling.

Are you convinced yet?

Now, I can practically hear you asking, "Why did you place the bling where you did, Susan?" I'm so glad you asked!

Several things went through my mind. First, having just two seahorses, identical except for color and slightly staggered, is a challenge. I wanted the bling to show a relationship between the two. It's nearly impossible to tell in the photo, but there are aqua green and blue rhinestones mixed up here. Plus, the fact that the seahorses face the same direction doesn't create much movement. I wanted the bling to create that movement as implied bubbles between the two animals. The five rhinestones are arranged in a very acute triangle with three clustered low in a triangle of their own.

Bling-placing trick: When placement really matters as much as it does here, I tend to cut the backing sheet of the rhinestones and move the little pieces around to see what works best. It's great because you don't have to commit to sticking them down, but you can still get the general effect.

And that's all I have to say about that.

For now.

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,

stamps: Hero Arts Color-Layering Seahorses; My Favorite Things Label Maker Sentiments
paper: Papertrey white
ink: various Archival and Hero Arts inks
accessories: rhinestones, dimensionals


  1. Awesome card - and the bling really does make it. Thanks for the tip - I have a hard time visualizing things without actually seeing it.

  2. N.I.C.E. because the bling looks like little water bubbles floating ever so gently around those softly moving seahorses.

  3. Love your card, the bling is just right as is the snetiment, now. I struggle really struggle as to where to place the sentiment and the bling. I think my style is pretty CAS not fully CAS but not all layers but still not sure on that idea of where things should be placed. I tend to like colouring, so the image comes first, sadly most times before I even think of placement. Still so much to learn.

  4. Thanks for the comments...I AM learning! :)

  5. I love it when you talk design! These things just don't come naturally to me and it's really useful to have it spelt out. I love the sea horses and yes the text placement and bling make. A big difference.

  6. Awesome card. Awesome lesson. Thanks

  7. And here I thought the bling was just for sparkle. I do really like it & I'm fascinated by your thought processes.None of it is familiar territory to me.

  8. Thank you for another design lesson. I always learn so much from you. Those sea horses are really pretty.


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