Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Black Hole and Gratitude

February/March have been one long black hole event horizon. My mom got sick--very sick--and for about two weeks all I could do when I wasn't teaching was worry about her and my sister caring for her. I hadn't had my shots yet, and she'd only had one, so going to see her in Maryland wasn't an option. COVID sucks.

My house is a wreck, but my students are learning. There's something therapeutic about knowing that. Work has, in many ways, kept me sane.

Stamping isn't happening hardly at all right now, and I totally dropped the ball with acknowledging the awesome contributions to Karen's Card Shop. Today, I finally got thank-you notes written for almost all the donations. Muchas gracias to the following (many of whom are repeat donors!):

  • Tammy F.
  • Kelle S.
  • Charlotte A.
  • Carol V.
  • Deborah L.
  • Beverly Y.
  • Karen Mc.
  • Patti M.
  • Anne A.
  • Eddie VRD
  • Mick J.

Eleven people from ten states. Much love and appreciation to each and every person who's ever donated to Karen's. 

This isn't even all of them, y'all!

Mom is doing a bit better, and she got her second shot Saturday as I was getting my first. Soon, I'll have a chance to go see her. Thank you, God. 

My younger son graduates from high school in a few months. We are trying to teach him to drive. 

And my husband wants a new house, so we're shopping. 


God is good, all the time and most especially in black hole event horizons. The list of names above proves it. Receiving your packages in the last two months has filled my heart with gratitude and deep appreciation for this wonderful hobby and the wonderful people who throw their hearts and skill into it. 

Blessings from the black hole. We'll get through this.

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and gratitude,