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There are several excellent blog readers out there other than Bloglovin': Feedly, the Old Reader, and others. It's easy to add new blogs from the settings on these readers. If you read a lot of blogs and don't yet have a blog reader service, explore what's available. A good blog reader site can really speed up your blog reading time.

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Feedburner is a poorly supported email subscription program that Google bought several years ago and then failed to support. It works...for some people. Many people have email suppliers who use particular anti-spam protocols that actively block Feedburner subscriptions. You might be one of those people, so if you subscribe with the Feedburner button and do NOT receive my blog posts, you'll have to subscribe another way.

Scroll down to the bottom of Simplicity's sidebar for the Feedburner subscribe button.

All the other email subscriber services I've found are horrifyingly expensive for me ($35-$50 or more per month for someone with as many subscribers as I have), and as I do not make any money from this blog, using a costly service isn't an option.

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