Saturday, December 31, 2022

Cheers to All the Years

This year...what can I write about 2022? 

Let's focus on gratitude. There's already so much complaining going on.

I am grateful for a chance brush of my thumb on the lump in my breast at the end of June; for the surgeon, oncologists, radiologists, infusion nurses, and radiology technicians who have cut, injected, and irradiated me in the past five months; for my family, especially my husband and sister, who have gone above and beyond; for my friends and all they did, especially the prayers and driving Jack around; and for my stamping friends, who made sure I felt supported and loved through this mess. Check out these hand-made with love beauties:

Some of you may recognize cards you contributed to Karen's Card Shop. People from church bought cards from the Shop and sent them to me. I stole one card from Joan B's contribution to the Shop because it says, "There's not enough Xanax for this sh*t." I felt that in my bones. Plus, the little old ladies at church might have had an attack of the vapors reading that sentiment, even with the asterisk. 

Thanks to each and every one of you who sent me a card, prayed for me, or sent positive vibes my way. 

I bought a LOT of stamping stuff over the past few months (retail therapy!), and in the last week, some of that stuff has been used. Yippee! Today's card was made for our friends who have a formal New Year's Eve party every year. 

Stamps by Papertrey, embossing folder

We're going to the party tonight (tenth or eleventh year), bearing a bottle of red wine and this card, and I'm looking forward to wearing my awesome velvet dress and a wig. I even painted my nails, which I never do. 

Thankfully, the dress covers all my radiation treatment marks and the tape covering them. The fifteen high-dose treatments will be finished Jan. 19, weather permitting. 

And speaking of a wig, my hair is growing back at a great pace. It is, however, still salt-and-pepper colored and still straight as porcupine quills. No chemo curls for me. A minor disappointment, all things considered. 

I wish you all the very best in the coming year and pray health, happiness, and peace for us all. 

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,