Saturday, February 12, 2011

In Over My Head but Trying

Reader Lisa left a comment saying that my feed hadn't updated in her Yahoo reader in three months, and she wants to know if anyone else is having problems with the feed.

I don't speak Feed, but I have gone into Google's My Feeds and optimized all three of my blogs' feeds to be compatible with any feed reader, whatever that means. I hope it worked. But if anyone else is having issues, please let me know.

And if anyone knows what a feed is and how it works and can explain all of this in terms an idiot can understand, please share your wisdom.


  1. We're likely living on the same ignorant wavelength. I can tell you that I've been receiving your posts, though.

  2. Speaking as a completely illiterate computer person I've no idea how these things work but I do know that I get you updated on my blog feed regularly. Doubt that helps anyone, lol. xx

  3. Your comment really made me laugh! Your site is one of my favorites and I love your one layer card designs! I don't have any idea what a feed is and whenever I have my DH try and explain something about the computer, I end up more confused than when he started! I like to think I have lots of common sense--but don't think that helps at all in working with a computer! Good Luck! Sue (suen)

  4. I've been receiving your posts in my Google Reader just fine... probably Google and Yahoo just need to learn to get along better. :P And hey, you found where to manage your feeds, so that's something! :D

  5. I have been receiving your posts but funny enough, I had two people tell me that they haven't received updates via feedblitz (email notifcation for new posts) in 3 months.

    There's something funny going on- I'm off to figure out how you messed around with google to make sure you posts were compatible with everything...

  6. Too funny.... oh not that some of your readers are not getting the blog feed but the way you tell stories (as always so fun to read).

  7. Sketches for you huh?

    I could only think of two off the top of my head....

    I just checked and the 2nd one just retired and did their last sketch in January.

    I do love doing the wednesday sketches at Splitcoast, but you already know about that one!

  8. Thank you Susan,
    And thank you all - I just went to the source since my "RSS feed" is not updating in yahoo. I think it's probably what Lindsey said, that google & yahoo aren't getting along. It is weird that is HAS been working fine, and I get to read the blog everyday until about 2 weeks ago. I tried yahoo help, but that's a nightmare...
    Anyway! A "feed" is basically a way to receive information from a blog and/or other electronic medium. You can "subscribe" to your feeds all in one place,like google reader or yahoo reader. Voila...all of your blogs are on one pages with updates. I might go to google reader if I can't figure out the yahoo.
    I love reading Simplicity everyday, it's like my cup of coffee.
    Lisa (a defunct blogger)

  9. p.s. since I am anonymous, I can't edit my grammar spelling!

    And Susan is an English major!
    I meant to write electronic media

    First paragraph "I GOT to...


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