Friday, July 1, 2011

Would Someone Please Push the Pause Button?

I don't know why my life sped up this week, but I feel like someone pushed the fast forward button on it. It's been fun but exhausting.

Anyway. Today's card is the last I'll post with Grunge Me for a while...maybe. This one isn't grungy, though. It's crisp and clean, and as soon as I saw the stamp I knew I wanted to make a stylized flower with it.

Okay, the sentiment is grungy. But the card isn't. Pear Tart and Bahama Blue. A Memento Ink match made in heaven. To do this, I placed the stamp very carefully with the central point at the center of my gridded acrylic block. I placed a pencil dot in the exact center of the card and lined that up with the central circle on the gridded block, rotating the card for each stamp! So very easy to get precise placement with that FAB PTI gridded acrylic block!!!

And now for a non sequitur.

Happy Canada Day to my friends to the north! Y'all rock!!!!

And speaking of Canada, check out this ever so relevant little button the Canadian Jennifer Styles sent to me. Oh, she knows me so well! I'll bet y'all didn't know that the reason I have posted three OLWs in a row is because I don't want to get stuck with the odd numbers again. That really bothered me.

And yes, the lack of punctuation and capitalization on the button bothers me. "I have CDO. It's like OCD, but all the letters are in alphabetical order as they should be."

Now, I'm happy.

And tired.

I'm going to bed.


  1. heee heee!! love that blog button!! your card is too cool for school!

  2. Great card. And you are so funny!

  3. Full of awesome Susan! Great graphical style!

  4. Great idea to use the grid on the block to center things. Great card. Love the button LOL!

    Thanks for the Canada Day wishes too :) Also our 15th wedding anniversary so lots to celebrate today! Enjoy your long weekend.

  5. Oh, Susan, I have CDO too! Hee hee! My daughter and I found an awesome quote on Pinterest and my daughter couldn't understand why I wouldn't re-pin it, even after I explained that it had words spelled incorrectly and incorrect grammar. I just COULDN'T bear it!
    Your card is great and you're truly selling me on the gridded block, I might need to invest in it.

  6. Super card - just love those colours! And CDO - this really made me laugh! :)

  7. You are such a funny girl! Love your card - way to think out of the box. I think Nichole needs to hire you.

  8. The pin made me smile. I also have the Grunge Me set. Thank you for making so many wonderful cards and helping me see all the possibilities.

  9. Great card, Susan. I love that button and I appreciate your corrections!

  10. Like your cool flower-neat card!

    I like your correction-funny!

  11. omgoodness....your ocd or your cdo just cracks me up.....
    hugs my friend.

  12. Fantastic! Great colors and a fresh, crisp look.

  13. Love the card and I love reading your posts; you're hilarious! And I mean that as a compliment.

  14. That button is the best! Even without punctuation. ;) The card is so clean and graphic; love it! Happy 4th to you, Susan. (And yes -- lazy days of summer? Pffffft.)


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