Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gettin' Punchy Under the Sea

Yes, we're still "Gettin' Punchy." I have too many punches.

Bwaaahaaaahaaa! "Too many punches"?

Not. Possible.

The number of punches a person needs may be determined using the following equation: x + 1 = y, where x is the number you have, and y is the number you need. Obviously, you can never actually get to "too many punches." The math just won't work.

I have a number of Martha Stewart ocean-themed punches, so I decided to make an over-the-top (for me) card using a couple of them, plus a Fiskar's ocean wave border punch and some random foliage punches to play the role of seaweed.

See what I did here? The large popped panel uses the wave border punch, and the seaweed hangs off the right edge while a little more sneaks a peek from under the popped panel. One fish, one sea horse, and the seaweed fronds on the bottom right are popped up as well, although the seaweed is merely curled up for dimensional effect rather than popped with dimensional tape.

This was a fun card to make in all white, but photographing it was tough. In real life, the white-on-white effect is gloriously bright and clean.

The sentiment might seem a bit odd for a sea-themed card, but I made this for my 70-ish aunt who broke her back about a month ago. She's healing very slowly and has many more months in a back brace before she will be able to resume her normal, very active and busy life. She loves the beach.

stamps: Papertrey Faux Ribbon
ink: Hero Arts pool
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: assorted punches, dimensionals


  1. Love the white on white layers! And finally, I can understand the math :-)
    Good teachers make subjects relevant to real life ♥

  2. White on white card is stunning!

  3. White on white is simply stunning :)

  4. ha!
    love the equation!
    i reckon it works for stamps and inks and papers and bling?????
    love the white.on.white. it is beautiful and your aunt will also love it.
    thanks for sharing. i am always inspired by your work.

  5. This is brilliant Susan. I love the shapes in white.

  6. This card is my favorite white-on-white card so far. You have so many ideas packed into your head. I pretend that the cards I copy from you were really my own idea. It makes me feel so...creative.

  7. I love this card!!! Don't get rid of your Martha Stewart fishy punches. They are worth a small fortune. Check on ebay.

  8. I like your equation and love the card.

  9. Nope, never can have tooooooo many punches. Just. Not. Possible.
    Love the card. You achieve such beauty with your mostly white creations, and this tops them all. Hugs!

  10. Love, love this card. Now to get out some punches! tfs

  11. So many punches, so little time. So I SOLD MOST OF MINE! I did. But I love what YOU do with YOURS! :)

  12. This card is amazing - the white on white is glorious.


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