Monday, May 11, 2015

The End of the Line

If you're a long-time reader of Simplicity, you know I love pulling elements from advertising and package design into card design, and one of my favorite elements is lines. When designing with lines, precision of placement is very, very important, as I discovered trying to make a simple Christmas thank-you card yesterday.

My first effort has a few things going for it...everything is straight and stamped cleanly, but the sentiment placement just doesn't work. My plan was to line up the end of thank you with the end of the line as a way of putting the line and sentiment into some sense of unity, while the tail of the final s in Christmas would lead the eye to the inside of the card, but the attempt fell flat. My eye, at least, just stops dead at the end of the line.

Fortunately, it was an easy fix. Relocating the sentiment increases unity and helps the eye keep moving past the line.

There's almost a sense of movement here as the line "pushes" the sentiment into white space...much more dynamic and interesting.

And that's how you get to the end of the line...only to find yourself one happy stamper!

stamps: Papertrey Faux Ribbon, Signature Christmas
ink: Fresh Ink mojito, VersaMagic rocket red
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: acrylic block with grid


  1. I see what you mean - love the second card more. What if you put a couple more lines on the first card? A line up to the thank you and one up by the Christmas. Just a thought. That being said - I am sure whoever you send your cards to will love them :)

  2. Make sure that you don't get rid of your faux ribbon stamps. Now they are $48 in the vault. A lot for a line.

  3. Now that I have recovered from a heart attack after seeing the title and thinking this was the end of your blog I can start to breathe again. I'm sure your cards are wonderful but the room is still spinning and slightly out of focus. Need more oxygen. OK, feeling better. Amazing what a difference the placement of a simple little line can make.

    1. Breathe. Deep, cleansing breaths! This happy little corner of the interwebs will keep going for a long time. ;-)

  4. What a difference once you moved the sentiment!


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