Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thank you

Thank you for the kind comments on my last post, for the condolences and sympathy. The funeral for my friend Karen was this afternoon (Saturday), and it was sad and beautiful all at once.

I want to share with all of you some of the outpouring of cards I received for my birthday and for Thanksgiving. Many were store-bought and ever so wonderful, but since this is a stamping blog, I'll only share close-ups of the hand-made ones.

Not all of the cards I received, but most.

Janet E. sent this one, and included a lovely written
message inside that was kind and comforting.
"Keep care," her son used to say. I love that. I also
love the delicate white die cut over kraft. So very

Patti M. wished me "mucho blessings" with happy
pop of pink to draw the eye!

Sue C. included a fabulous picture of her family,
some of whom I've prayed for over the years.The card's
watercolor wash effect is simply gorgeous in those colors! 

Sue also sent a birthday card using some of my favorite
colors and glorious white space in a balanced CAS design.

Vicki sent me inspirational birthday wishes! Stunning
color and white embossing combine perfectly.

This butterfly beauty is from JoAnn F. Don't you love
the vellum butterfly as an accent?

This bold-on-black stunner is from Joan B, who can
successfully use sequins while I cannot. 

My friend Karen sent so many cards people cracked jokes about Hallmark stock going down now that she was gone. In the weeks before her death, I received two thank-you cards for various things (she wrote at least one of them them while getting chemo). I received my birthday card from her the day she died. (It's the yellow one with the pink flower, center row, far right in the top picture).

Isn't it wonderful how bits of paper hold so much love?

That's why I want to let you all know how much you mean to me. This has been hard, and grief isn't the only struggle in my life right now. But your kindness, your thoughts and prayers, your comments and emails, and your cards mean so much to me.

I have a wonderful real-life support group of family and friends helping me through with physical presence and hugs daily. Most of you reading this don't really know me from Adam's cat, nor I you. But your kindness has tipped the scale for me more than you could know and has kept me filled with hope and the certain knowledge that all these troubles will be gotten through, that I am not alone. I'm a person of faith, so I believe that you are each willing agents of a loving God.

So thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Susan, sending you warm hugs and prayers from Cape Town, South Africa.
    You inspire me with your creations, and I always enjoy visiting your blog.
    In a way it is comforting to know that we are all real life people going through good times and less good times.
    I believe we all cross each other's ways to meet the needs of others, be it a simple smile, a word of encouragement or just being there.

  2. Susan, I have been enjoying your blog and the creations you share for a few years now. I've even popped over now and then to one of your other blogs and given them a read. In short, I am one of those people who don't REALLY know you, but feel like I do. Or judging by your posts, and the stuff you pin on Pinterest, I think we would totally be friends in real life! LOL
    I love reading about the weather in Ohio as I am from there and long to move back; but am currently residing outside Charlotte, NC. Many months ago your My Cousin Vinnie reference made me chuckle all day long on a day when I needed something to smile about. And now I blush when I buy pears but that's okay.
    Even in the tough times your blog reflects joy, faith and hope. We all go through the hard times of life but there is renewed joy on the other side. Praying for you and your family. ~Mary~

    1. Mary, you know I was born and for the most part raised in Charlotte, right? And I hear you on the weather. Don't miss it in the slightest! I can truly say Columbus, Georgia, is even hotter and more humid, though. Thank you so much.

    2. I thought I remembered you telling me before you were born and raised here. Being a "woman of a certain age" I don't always completely trust my memory however. :-)

  3. Dear Susan,
    I have been following your crafting life, your family adventures and your spiritual journey online for several years and you feel like family to me. Thank you for your honesty, humour and wisdom. You are in my prayers, my sister in Him. He cares for you.

    1. He is good all the time, and all the time He is good! Thank you!

  4. We just lost a beloved uncle and my eulogy began with, "How lucky we are all here today to have known someone who makes saying goodbye so hard." It sounds like you were lucky indeed! My heart goes out to you <3

    1. So many people were lucky to have known Karen. I'm so sorry for your loss. Responding in gratitude for having known someone is truly the most healing way to grieve. Sometimes, it's hard to get there through the anger and hurt, but I'm more and more convinced we need to be grateful in all things...especially the hard ones. Thank you!


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