Sunday, December 13, 2015

Quilt Inspiration

The other day, I stole a little time from adulting to make a card inspired by this quilt I found on Pinterest. Of course.

As you can see, my stamping isn't quite as precise as you KNOW I want it to be, but the warm, fun effect of all these shades of red and orange makes me happy anyway. Stamping diamonds perfectly right turns out to be a lot harder than stamping squares.

Just sayin'.

Anyway, while we're on the subject of quilts, here's a picture of my mom's birthday gift to me last year, which is finally hanging on the wall where it belongs.

Please note that my mother does all quilting by hand. Every last stitch, from piecing to quilting to final binding is hand stitched with love. Because she's the boss. If you look at an enlarged version of the picture, you'll see where I get my love of precision from. You'll also note the holiday-themed book fabric of the border on the quilt, which she chose for me because she knows me so very well!

A wee update for any who are interested. My jury duty was cancelled for the second time in two months (YAY!), and I need a root canal in a molar (BOO!). I reacted badly to the painkiller the dentist prescribed (BOO!) but recovered quickly enough to serve as liturgist during worship this morning (YAY!). Hope to get an appointment with an endodontist this week but need someone to drive me there and back (BOO!), and George can take the day off whenever I need so he can take care of his honey-bunny (YAY!).

Life: it is what it is. Some parts are good, some parts are bad, and gratitude poured over it all makes it manageable.

Merry Christmas!

stamps: Clearly Besotted Geometric Patterns
ink: various dye inks
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: craft foam, glue, gridded acrylic block


  1. Your quilt is amazing!!! And such a perfect spot for it. What a blessing to receive something so beautiful and know the love that went into every stitch. Obviously the nut did not fall far from the tree. :)
    Lu C

  2. Wow, the quilt is just stunning. Love the colors. I can see where you got your talent! Happy, and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. That last part made me chuckle, "It is what it is". I know a teacher, who said that a lot. Someone even gave her a necklace with that phrase engraved on it. Glad you are taking all in stride! Good luck with that tooth, I have been there quite a few times. Never fun, but it has to be done.

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  5. Beautiful quilt! How do you hang your quilts?

    1. Beth, I hand-stitched a pocket to the back of the quilt. The pocket is made of muslin and holds a dowel that's suspended on the wall over two large nails. The whole hanging apparatus is hidden, and the long support pocket keeps the quilt from being torn or warped.

      Hope that helps! I had wanted to hang it from a curtain rod with ring clips, and mom nearly came unglued. She said the ring clips would tear holes in the fabric and stretch the binding weirdly. Guess I won't ever do that!


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