Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fight Stamper's Block with Something Dotty

After finishing a bit of organizing and cleaning, which included discovering a bunch of really cool stuff in boxes in my basement, I stamped today. At first, of course, I sat and stared at my tidy workspace, feeling utterly intimidated.

Then, I got an idea.

Where do these ideas come from? Seriously, if there's a Muse sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear, I'd frankly like to fire her for going on extended holiday. What is up with such an unreliable worker?

Problem is, where does one go to hire a reliable Muse? I have no idea.

So when the idea popped into my head, I figured it might be best to act on it. I walked to my stamp hoard collection and started flipping through, looking for a set that hadn't been used in a coon's age because, you know, raccoons live forever.

Except for the one that ran out into the road in front of my very large SUV one night a few years ago. That was just sad. But I digress.

The stamp set that jumped into my hand was Papertrey's Dot Spot. What a fun little set! After a bit, there were five finished cards on my desk...although one immediately went into the recycling bin, so you'll only be seeing four.

Dot Spot has a wonderful, huge image as well as smaller sizes of the same image and some little solo dots. In the interest of keeping things neat and obsessive, I'll share the cards in an order based on the size of images used.

I'm not crazy. My mother had me tested.

Here's the first.

That giant image is fabulous. The hole in the middle was a perfect fit for a little sentiment from Clear and Simple Stamps, and also for a clear epoxy sticker that magnifies the sentiment ever so slightly. I do wish the font were more modern looking to match the dots, but alas, we don't always have the right sentiment, now, do we?

Epoxy stickers are delightful,  and on that note, as I'm punchy from exhaustion, I'll sign off for now. Good night, and sweet dreams.

Unless you're reading this in the which case, rise and shine and give God the glory.


stamps: Papertrey Dot Spot, Clear and Simple Stamps Thinking of You
ink: Hero Arts cornflower, intense black
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: epoxy sticker, corner rounder


  1. I love it!...but, then I love DOTS!

  2. Nice- my first thought this would be a great card to give to your Eye Doctor!

  3. Check out the work of Elspeth McLean. She does INCREDIBLE things with "just" dots. Googles the mind.


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