Monday, June 19, 2017

A Little Sprig and Big Cups

Botanicals provide perfect subject matter for guy-ish birthday cards. Consider this little sprig, colored with markers, spritzed with water, and stamped without fuss or ornament. 

Isn't the little sprig delightful? Sometimes, small things carry big weight, and this was an idea I contemplated in Normandy.

Almost everything about Normandy impressed me, from the tiny flowers in the grass, to the giant castles we visited, to virtually every meal we ate, to the hard-working servers of those meals. With my crafter's eye, I soaked in French culture and atmosphere, paying attention to little things: the spray of color on stone from stained glass, the quick glimpse of a beautiful 18th century home through a break in a wall as we drove by, the pansies in a window box, the baa-ing of the goats at Point du Hoc, the perfection of a Nutella crepe or pain au chocolat, the swans floating in the moat at our hotel, a private home made from a German bunker. That last one proves you can turn a sow's ear into a silk purse.

And not least of all, I deeply appreciated the fact that not one of the French people laughed in my face when I asked them if they spoke English woman. Apparently, that final s on Anglais is silent. Who knew?

But one tiny thing didn't make me happy. 

Can you guess what that might be?

The French drink tiny cups of coffee. Perhaps the rest of the world drinks tiny cups of coffee as coffee-drinking experience is limited to the U.S. But I was all astonishment when I beheld the itty bitty cups of coffee in Normandy. 

Now, generally speaking, I understand that we Americans are vulgar in our need to super-size, houses, hair, steaks, sodas, etc. But how in the world would anyone find satisfaction in such a tiny cup of coffee? It's baffling to this thoroughly vulgar American coffee addict. 


While little cups of coffee don't compute for me, a little sprig on a birthday card makes total sense.  

Life is weird, isn't it? 

Or maybe it's just me.

Mercy, grace, peace, and love overflowing a very big cup,

stamps: Hero Arts, StampinUp
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: Memento markers, water spritzer


  1. i'm so glad you had a wonderful trip. uhm yeah, those are pretty tiny cups. love your card. what a great idea you gave me for masculine cards. from now on, EASY!

  2. the coffee is much stronger - but get from a french cafe not starbucks in France - it Italy they are even smaller and stronger !! and they have no starbucks .....hope you are having an amazing visit - cards is a bonus too

  3. What a wonderful, inspiring trip! This card is filled with inspiration for me -- layers and leaves and branches. I'm so glad you had a rejuvenating time!

  4. Lovely card! I enjoyed hearing about your trip and the wee-ness to everything (except the castles). I had to wait for an amazing amount of traffic to turn left into work today. There must have been 15 SUVs in a row, all with one driver and zero passengers. It made me feel icky. Vulgar is a good word. I was in my small pickup truck, by the by.

  5. The card is perfect. I knew I had that stamp but took me a while to find it since I split up my sets. It's from a 2001 Hero Arts set Poetic Prints/Real Leaves. My question to myself isn't why I hold on to stamps, but why I buy new ones! I can just feel you are refreshed. And Happy Anniversary!

  6. You should see what passes for a "large" ice cream sundae in Asia.

  7. As always, the simplicity of your designs is awe-inspiring. And speaking of awe, can't even fathom taking such an awesome trip. This from the woman who will probably never even make it to the west coast of this country. As for the coffee cup- might just as well use a thimble. I hope you are rested & rejuvenated.

  8. Love the simplicity of this card, the balance and colours are just perfect! I meant to send you a link about ordering coffee in France, sorry...... They will make you a big, milky cup but will probably show the same distaste as when I ask for tea with milk....! They will love the fact that you spoke a little French too, so no problem with saying Anglaise instead of Anglai(s), they understoon you which is key!


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