Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Color Transformation and an Informal Poll

Today's pair of cards shows just how powerful color choices can be.

First up, I made this card using a coordinating die for the Hero Arts Christmas List set and my favorite colors of Copic markers. It's a nice card, but a little issue niggled at my design sense.

Note how loose and fun the sentiment is. That font isn't serene and the color scheme of the presents. The niggle came from a slight misfit of color, so I brightened things up with four happy, fun shades of green tending toward yellow.

The fun, bright colors fit with the sentiment perfectly now!

So why do I still like the first card better? Well, I love the energy of the lime and apple greens, but those serene blues fill my heart with peace. I crave calm and serenity in a busy, high-energy world.

May I remind you I live with two teenage boys? Oh, yeah. I crave calm. 

I think it would be fun to hear your input on this. Color has a powerful pull on our emotions, Few people are neutral in their opinions about colors. (May I remind you of StampinUp's orchid opulence, or as I like to call it, fairy vomit?)

So which of the two color schemes appeals to you most? Why? What other color scheme would you like to see with this design? (The theme is Christmas, of course, but I enjoy non-traditional color schemes!)

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,

stamps: Hero Arts Christmas List
ink: Memento black, Archival red geranium
paper: Papertrey white; StampinUp Baja breeze; random lime green
accessories: die, dimensionals, Copic markers


  1. I prefer the blue-green colors in the first one but maybe you could try something other than red for the sentiment?
    I like the colors in the second one and would use them but I'd be inclined to pair them with the lavender/purple/violet family of colors (especially that chartreuse).
    The other thing you might try is more contrast in the bows instead of staying in the same color family as the package.

  2. I like the blues which are peaceful and rather stately. But combining them with red puts it right up there with fairy puke. I like the greens too, because they make me happy. But again, red? Yuck. How about black and dark green? Using red today was the pits, but I love you anyway.

  3. I like the brightness of the green packages the best. But I think I would have used black ink for the sentiment rather than red.

  4. I like the 2nd one mainly because the packages are 3 separate shades of the same colour. I really like the blue & red of the first one, but I only see the 2 packages that are exactly the same, so maybe another shade of blue would have worked better. All said, I really like the layout of this card.

  5. I like the first one because it is cooler colors. I agree with the previous comment in another shade would help the first one. My preferred colors would be clear blue like shades of navy and red.

  6. I like the bright greens of the second one better--I love a bright green and red for a Christmas color scheme. I do think I would like it better if you had some red elsewhere on the card, like on the bows.

  7. I prefer the first but agree with some of the other commenters, the sentiment would look better in black

  8. I like the second card the best. I love the bright greens with the red sentiment. They are happy and bright like celebrating Jesus' birth should be! :)

  9. When I looked at your first card, it didn't seem right but I couldn't figure out why - but then you produced the second card and it's perfect in my eyes.

    It's amazing how we all see things differently!

  10. I like the second card better. That "funky" sentiment fits with the more energetic colors. If the pretty blue presents of the first card were paired with a more elegant/classic font (maybe embossed in platinum or soft gold?) it would be a stunner.

  11. Like the second card as is. The colors on the first card (my fav)are peaceful to me, thus if the scale worked, I would use a sentiment from a set with a font more like PTI Signature Christmas,Holiday Wishes, Holiday Lights.... and try silver for the sentiment (such as Delicate silver ink or silver embossing), or an ink color like the darker blue/green used in the packages.

    1. Make that Delicata silver ink. Typing not my talent.

  12. maybe a pink sentiment with those bright green gifts?

  13. I was drawn toward the blue packages .... gave me a peaceful feeling!

  14. Although I like blue more than green, I prefer the green card. It is more "alive" to me. Agree with others that the color of sentiment would be better in a another color. I appreciate seeing different color schemes. Another scheme-pink and coral

  15. I like the blues better, for several reasons. First, they're gorgeous colors; then non-traditional Christmas colors appeal to me; the greens are too in-your-face for me. I might have used med. grey ink for the sentiment on the blue card or embossed in silver. Still, a lovely card, Susan.

  16. Its funny I had a quick glance at this but didnt notice the red sentiment -duh - just thought ooo not as fabbie as they normally are (sorry ) but reading your new post - I had to come back and have a proper look ! I like red sentments for xmas cards but not on these cards but thats just me - I make more mistakes than the average - please keep up the fab cards I get so much inspiration and help from you - just need to get on with the en mass card making now - jingle bells jingle bells - nope its too warm


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