Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Cross and News

The layered cross in Papertrey's Celtic Knots set is absolutely stunning. I've made a number of cards with it but find this simple black-gray-white version to be my absolute favorite of the bunch.

There are two layers of paper popped up with craft foam and dimensionals. First, the die cut of the the cross, which has three different stamps. The MISTI is essential when stamping these three stamps...and it seemed the more I stamped, the harder the three were to line up, even with the MISTI. Second, the center of the cross, which has two different stamps...also harder to line up the more I stamped.


Anyway, the close-up shows how pretty the layers are.

Now for the news, and it's not good. Although Cooper's surgery went extremely well and he is now neutered, his X-rays showed problems with his hips and elbows. Serious problems. Both his parents were certified clear on hips and elbows (common issues with goldens), and none of the other pups from either parent has ever presented with problems in either area. These things happen, and Cooper is just unlucky.

Or lucky, if you consider that he's ours, and we will do all we can to keep him happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Cooper wearing the latest fashion from Paris for post-operative couture.
(He freaked out with the E-collar at the vet, so the T-shirt covers
his incisions.)
It's pretty obvious Cooper isn't letting hip and elbow problems--or having his boy parts removed--get him down. He's a happy boy!

But I am sad. Chronic joint issues will not be fun for him. If you're the praying type, we'd appreciate  a little prayer for our Cooper.

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,

stamps: Papertrey Celtic Knots
ink: Archival black, Hero Arts soft granite
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: coordinating dies, craft foam, dimensionals, glue, MISTI


  1. Aww..Coop, keep your chin up! You've got the best humans possible to help you through your aches and pains. You will be in my prayers.
    Lu C

  2. PS..that is one stunning card!
    Lu C

  3. We will certainly keep Cooper in our prayers. Poor boy.

  4. That's a gorgeous cross - the depth is fantastic!

    And poor Cooper! Get him taking Glucosamine!! Also is there anywhere near you that he can swim? It's great low impact exercise for him.

  5. Gorgeous card! The black/white/gray color combination is stunning.
    So sorry about your pooch’s joints. Pool exercises would be great for him! Build strength without impact.

  6. Your card is quite striking. Sorry about Cooper. Hopefully, he'll be fine with exercise and treatment. Sending puppy prayers!

  7. How strange and frustrating that the stamps got harder to line up the more you used them. The cross is beautiful, though. The combination of colors makes the grey look almost silver. Very dignified.

    I'm so sorry to hear about Cooper's joint problems—that's so tough on a dog, especially an active one. I second the suggestion for glucosamine. My family's Akita developed creaky joints in her old age, and glucosamine and an omega-3/omega-6 supplement have helped her function normally.

  8. love this...looks wonderful.
    Hope you are well mf. Miss seeing you on our blog.
    xx Karen

  9. Very pretty cross! Hope Cooper is back to himself soon.

  10. Your card is simply beautiful. Hope you'll find a good approach to help Cooper thrive and stay happy.

  11. lovely card - sadly, Papertrey don't sell anywhere in the UK :(
    Poor Cooper, my daughter was advised to give her Malamut/German Shepherd cross Cod Liver Oil for mild hip displasia, she loves it!

  12. I don't know what Cooper's diagnosis is, but if it's arthritis, you might explore or research Galliprant. My Dobe had severe arthritis and spondylosis and Galliprant helped him a lot before he could not go any longer. At any rate, Cooper is indeed in the best forever home.

  13. Lovely card. So sorry to hear about Cooper. He'll remain in my prayers.

  14. What a beautiful card! Love it. I also love Celtic music. Best wishes for Cooper - he too is beautiful. The shirt to keep him from licking is a wonderful idea. Good thinking.

  15. I am so sorry to hear of Cooper's health problems. I will say a pray for him. I just hate to see dogs in pain. We had a dog with hip problems. We were suppose to keep him from jumping on furniture. He would not use the stairs we got him just kept jumping on the sofa. He was one stubborn dog.
    I love you card. I am still working on letting my cards have that much white space.

  16. Stunning card. Will keep Cooper and your family in my thoughts. So glad he has found a wonderful home.

  17. I'm sorry to hear about poor Cooper!

  18. CAS perfection... and sending love to Cooper



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