Monday, August 27, 2018

Karen's Card Shop and College Care Packages

First of all, I owe a huge thank you to readers Donna and Patti and to my pa stor's auntfor their recent donations to Karen's Card Shop. Donna donated almost 50 cards, and Patti donated over 100. Pastor's aunt donated eight. All of them are beautiful!

Patti's box, which included a bunch of white
and ivory envelopes. The ivory ones will come in
especially handy as I only stock white.

Pastor's aunt made a batch of these foiled cross cards
with lovely pressure embossing on the backgrounds. 

Donna included this absolutely gorgeous card for me
and four beautifully colored book plates.
These stunners will go in extra special books!

Many, many thanks to Donna and Patti for their generosity. Karen's Card Shop has now exceeded $1,600 in sales over two years. Money goes to our Stephen Ministry and to the church's general fund.

And now for college care packages. Nick, his girlfriend, my niece, and a darling young lady from church are on my list for care packages because they are all starting college. I remember how fun it was to get mail when I was in college. So of course I had to make cards to include in the packages.

I made these cards and then found out several of the recipients didn't have to buy a single book for classes this semester. What is wrong with the world?

Times they are a-changin', and books are apparently dead. Even my composition students don't have to buy a book...they use an open educational resource that is available for free online. A printed copy costs $15. I'm happy to see many of my students have sprung for the printed version.

But still.

Print can't be dead.

I love it too much.

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and printed books,

stamps: Papertrey All Booked Up, Simon Says Stamp Uplifting Thoughts
ink: Memento black
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: Copics in various colors


  1. There is just something about holding a book in our hands that cannot be replaced digitally. Even my college and grad school aged kids enjoy a good old-fashioned book, and the girls especially like the ones with pretty retro cloth covers. Then, of course, there is also the fact that when our touchy rural internet goes down we can all still enjoy our books! :)

  2. Nooooo... print can't be dead. I would be too sad. Love the cards and applaud the generosity of folks who donated.

  3. My sister has been taking college classes online for the past couple of years, and this year she hasn't had to buy a single textbook because all the materials for the classes were included as e-books. She was really peeved about that, because the school wasn't even offering printed copies for sale, and she would have bought some of them as paper copies for—guess what—the convenience. Funny how that works out. But I think all these declarations of "print can't be dead" are true—we who love the printed word cling to tangible books too stubbornly for it to be eradicated. Perhaps we'll become a niche market, but we'll still be a market!

  4. As a book lover myself, I will take a 'real life book' over an e reader any day, even if my hand hurts a bit after a while. But as a parent of a college kid 20 years ago, that $400 bucks for books every semester hurt! Especially when you knew they wouldn't be looked at again after the class was over. That is the 'plus' side of the rise of on-line text books. :)
    Lu C PS Love the card!


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