Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sending Happy Thoughts

Before we get started on today's post, let me thank Carol, Lisa, and Patti for their donations of cards to Karen's Card Shop! I've already restocked the shop with some of Lisa and Patti's cards (which arrived first), and Carol's will go in next week. Such lovely cards...and lovely hearts to share them with First United Methodist Church of Springboro!

Thanks in advance to all who said they were sending cards, too!

Now for today's card, which uses two new set from Simon Says Stamp: Sending Happy Thoughts and Artsy Flower Parts.

Breaking the stem over the sentiment made me so very happy! It enhances the unity of the card nicely.

And isn't that Archival black ink so very, very black?!?!?! Loving a well-inked, high-quality inkpad.

Now, let's talk about memory and stamps.

When one doesn't spend at least an hour a day in one's craft room, one forgets what one has...and it's much harder to stamp. I spent about two hours today making nothing, and what I learned from my frustration is that I need to go through all my stamps again to remember what I've got.

First-world problems. Definitely.

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,


  1. I was having a similar issue and was unfortunately buying duplicates. I finally wised up, took a break and started to inventory my stamp collection. Served two purposes. I now have a note book of my current stamps and weeded out stamps that no longer appeal to me. I now know what I have and where I have it! Yay! Love the bling on your card.
    Lu C

  2. hahaha yep that is very true - lovely card - I usually ruin the first few but if I make a load then I get the flow going so to speak

  3. I love the idea of the stem going through the sentiment.

  4. Simply GORGEOUS!! I love the stem going through the sentiment like that.


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