Thursday, December 5, 2019

Veering from Inspiration

Today's card was inspired by THIS PIN shared by fraubluetenstempel on Instagram. My card deviates rather dramatically from the inspiration card, but I couldn't have made it without the lovely example to riff off of.

First of all, I don't use designer paper, but I loved the text behind the printed leafy branches and the white die cut branches. The whole effect is simply beautiful. So I improvised.

My text stamps are all small print, which completely changed the balance of the design, so I went vertical rather than horizontal. I stamped Text Style from Papertrey after masking off a vertical strip. Then I stamped the wildflower from Life (also Papertrey) in Memento Pear Tart, and die cut some wildflowers (Tim Holtz, I think) in white. Following the inspiration piece, I stamped some spots around to soften everything.

The bold black sentiment of the inspiration piece works equally well with my rather different design, though!

So my card may not bear too much resemblance to the inspiration piece, but it's very satisfying anyway. At least to me! And I hope to you.

Hope, love, joy, and peace,


  1. Love it! I, also, use inspiration pieces and it is most rare when you can surmise the reference piece from my finished product. But, it did get me started down the road. LOL!
    Lu C

  2. I think I like your design layout better. Both are gorgeous cards but the inspiration pieces doesn't seem to have any place for the eye to land. Liz

  3. Just my cup of tea. Love the sentiment typeface font - any idea where it's from?

  4. So nice to see you posting! I too like this card and its simplicity. :)


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