Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sending You Peaceful Vibes

It might be spring right now in the northern hemisphere, but I can't get Advent off my mind. The four themes for Advent are peace, hope, love, and joy. Yesterday, my card was about hope. Today, we're diving into peace.

There wasn't much peace, actually, during the nativity, except perhaps in Mary's heart. I've heard that peace isn't the absence of conflict but an inner serenity during it. If we can connect with peace--whether we call that peace the Prince of Peace or not--deep in our soul, it doesn't really matter what is going on outside us. 

That's the peace I seek to cultivate...and fail daily at. Oh, my! Stress just sneaks in around the edges and keeps me up at night. My dentist mentioned what he calls the COVID grind; he's made a lot of money in the past year fixing teeth broken by nighttime grinding. 

I wear a bite guard at night because my grind started long before COVID was a thing. No matter how many times I repeat the mantra "give it to God and go to sleep," I just can't get there most nights. The peace that passes understanding rises in me occasionally (thank you, Jesus), but rarely at night when I need it most. 

Maybe this resonates with your own experience. I HOPE not; I hope you give it to God or the universe and go to sleep in peace each night. But if not, then maybe this post and today's card will help you feel not alone. We are never alone. 

I'll pick a random commenter to receive this card in the mail. Wherever in the world you are. Comment before midnight, EDST on Tuesday, April 20, either on the blog post or on this post on Facebook. Share what's keeping you from peace or what brings you peace...whatever you need to share. 

Peace, hope, love, and joy,



  1. Peace and contentment are wonderful things. Your card is wonderful also. I'm guessing that you used white embossing then sponged over with distress oxide inks and punched the circles. Adorable however you made it. Faye

  2. I look for hope underneath the overwhelming hatred that oozes out everywhere. My faith isn't in politics. It is in the deeds of the brave ones of us who do what they can because they believe in this "last best hope". Like you do with this post.

  3. Your card is beautiful, and peaceful. Like you, I pray for peace, calm & serenity everyday. I fail miserably at "Let go & Let God". But I try harder every day. Turning off my brain at night is my biggest challenge.
    Praying you find peace,calm and serenity today.

  4. I will pray for your peace. I don’t have any specific advice about attaining peace but finding out I have no control and God is in control has helped me develop peace.

  5. Beautiful card! Love the happy colors! His Peace has sustained me in these last six months since I lost Darrel. Some days are harder than others but Joy does come to me in some part of every day. I also am a member of Peace Lutheran.

  6. Such a peaceful card design and lovely colors, Susan! I would like to share a couple of suggestions that help calm my thoughts at night. As I am drifting off to sleep, I often begin thanking the Lord for His goodness and I begin listing those people who have been a blessing in my life and I thank Him for placing them along my path. I might also thank Him for specific times He has helped me through difficult situations. By filling my mind with thanksgiving and worship, my sleep is so much more peaceful.

    My second suggestion is: Shortly before bedtime, I find that reading a Psalm and praying the scripture back to the Lord gives me peace and builds my faith. For example, I could read Psalm 61 and I would say, "Thank You Lord, that You hear my cry when I am overwhelmed. You lead me to Jesus who is my rock. Thank You, that You are a shelter for me and a strong tower. I'm so grateful that I can trust in the shelter of Your wings.” Here are a few verses from Psalm 61:

    Hear my cry, O God;
    Attend to my prayer.
    From the end of the earth I will cry to You,
    When my heart is overwhelmed;
    Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.
    For You have been a shelter for me,
    A strong tower from the enemy.
    I will abide in Your tabernacle forever;
    I will trust in the shelter of Your wings. Selah

  7. Beautiful card and wonderful sentiment. You always come up with a clean and simple design that hits the mark! As contradictory as this sounds, I find that journaling helps bring me peace at stressful times (along with a few prayers of course!).

  8. The colors, butterflies, and circles all blend to make a pretty card. I'm a night owl so I'm used to being alone with my thoughts at night. Some nights I enjoy the solitude and other nights my head spins from all the thoughts circling around inside. I always take several very deep breaths when I lie down and each time I exhale, I try to let everything go. Some nights are more successful than others.

  9. Such a beautiful card 😍 Walking in nature brings me peace and I can't wait to hug a Redwood in July ❤


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