Sunday, June 6, 2021

Thanks, a New Puppy, a Graduate, and Email Subscription News

So let's start with the email subscription issue. Feedburner goes defunct next week, so if you receive this blog in your email, you will no longer receive it after Feedburner shuts operations. I am researching other options and will post as soon as I do implement one of them. You will be able to re-subscribe on the new platform if you wish. 

Until then, you are invited to bookmark this blog and check in periodically. I hope to post more frequently in the coming weeks as my stamping time is, indeed, getting longer during the summer.

Now, for the new puppy. Putting Daisy to sleep was so very, very hard, and we are all still grieving that loss. She was a once-in-a-lifetime dog, so very special. Cooper became very sad, too, and we called his breeder to see if she would put us on the list for her next litter. She did better than that: she offered us a puppy she had planned on keeping for herself, a puppy who was almost old enough to go to her forever home. We named this puppy Lily.

In addition to this wonderful new puppy adventure, our son Jack graduated from high school. From riding the "special" bus to tooting his horn and heading to community college in the fall. I'm so proud of this young man!

The Springboro High School Band Program offers a scholarship every year in memory of Kyle Chowen, a former student who loved the band with his whole heart, came early, stayed late, volunteered for everything. Kyle passed away far too young, and the scholarship named after him went to Jack this year because Jack loves the band with his whole heart, too. 

This momma's heart was full. So very full. 

And now for the thanks. Thank you all for reading this little blog, for all your cards and emails and comments of support and love, especially in the past month, and for loving this hobby so much. 

Thank you. 


  1. Congrats to Jack!
    Lily looks so sweet - I see Cooper doesn't mind her cuddling up to him.
    Love your card!

  2. A wonderful new chapter! Cathy x

  3. LOVE this card, Susan. Your artistic eye always impresses me.
    Your pup is adorable! Nothing better than a golden!!
    Hope you enjoy your summer.
    Hugs! Marty

  4. Uplifting post! I love a bit of happy.
    Super puppy, looks like she's fitted right in there
    Congratulations to Jack
    I follow your blog on bloglovin'.....

  5. Congratulations to Jack and well done Mama. You've raised a handsome and dedicated young man. Lily looks adorable and Cooper seems to have taken right to her. I will be bookmarking your blog. Liz

  6. Thanks for sharing when you can. Congrats to Jack for finishing strong, for Lily getting a new home, for an adorable card that makes me smile. Happy summer. Faye

  7. I went with Follow.It []so far, I am loving it! I have had a few of my Followers signing up [and I get notified] - I am also following blogs and [my choice] I get separate emails of posts. You are now on my list :)

  8. Lily is adorable and obviously completely loveable too! Congrats on Jack's graduation...great accomplishment!
    I just added your blog to Bloglovin, which I've been using for years. I get a daily digest of all new posts in the blogs I'm extremely well!

  9. Congrats to Jack, you must be so proud!

  10. all wonderful news. Proud mama you should be!!

  11. Good news is so good! Happy for all of yours. :)

  12. Tears. So happy that you got a new puppy. It is so hard when we lose our pets. I am so thankful that Darrel and I adopted our Maggie when she was 14 and before I lost him. She is a sweetheart and she loves me so much. Happy graduation and blessings for you and your new puppy.

  13. Lily is so cute! Love every picture of her--her little tongue hanging out in the pic with George, snuggled up with Cooper--all so cute! And congratulations to Jack!

  14. Susan... I am so happy for you on every front! Lily is adorable. Are you now an empty nester?


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