Sunday, October 31, 2021

Coloring Books and a Little Catching Up

I'm stunned that those of you who subscribe by email are getting these posts. Feedburner made such a big deal of saying the emails would stop in July, and it sort of took the heart out of me for blogging. Thanks for all the positive emails and encouragement!

Today's card was made months ago, after I received an order from Hero Arts. This bookshelf stamp turned out to be MUCH bigger than I thought it was online, and the coloring took for-ev-er. But it was worth it!

Colored with Copics and sentiment from Papertrey. 

So weird coincidence (or God decide). This morning, while driving my son to church, we were reveling in the fall colors. They brought to mind the line from the hymn "To God be the glory, great things he hath done!" I said the line out loud, and then, guess which hymn was the opening for worship. Yep. 

Fall is my favorite season. 

I was liturgist this morning and take the act of reading "the word of God for the people of God" both very seriously and very lightly. On the one hand, I practice beforehand (even more if there are hard words!) and want to do the words right, as a holy act of service in worship. On the other hand, worship should be joyous and celebratory, so I emote, use inflection, and have fun. To God be the glory, indeed.

Several of you asked for a Lily update. She's poorly named. If you've watched Lucifer on Netflix, you're familiar with the demon Mazikeen. She helped Lucifer torture damned souls in hell. We've decided that Lily should be called Mazikeen because she's torturing poor Cooper. She eats his face, people. Hangs by her teeth from his lip. Poor Coop. 

Cooper's butt makes a nice pillow.

Ms. Happ

Silly Lily

She's a joy and also a maddening and crazy-provoking at the same time she's cute as all get out. 

Since we last visited a few things have happened. 

1. We went on vacation in early July to Minnesota, where my husband took engagement photos of his niece and her fiancĂ©! I just took snapshots of the fun. 

3. I started Noom in mid-July and have lost 26 pounds. It's amazing. My muffin top is gone, my resting heart-rate is lower, and I feel so much better. About 12 pounds to go and a lifetime of lifestyle changes that will stick. 

4. Face-to-face classes (a few, at least) resumed at Sinclair Community College, so I'm back teaching in the classroom through a mask. It's awesome, but everyone is really struggling. Pandemics suck.

2. I went to Dallas, TX, for a girls' weekend of wedding dress shopping for our niece. In a house full of men, I never get girl time...what a joy! Many thanks to my SIL for hosting!

Mother of groom, mother of bride, bride, and me

It's kinda hard to believe that tonight is Halloween. Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. I hope you all have stayed healthy and are getting somewhat back to normal. 

Having dropped out of the stamping world for about five months, I feel behind, so maybe YOU can catch ME up on what's going on. What are the latest trends? Is there something I really should look into...a product, a video, a technique, an Instagram account? Please let me know!

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and kindness,



  1. What a great stamp, great colouring too!
    I love that hymn, comes to mind sometimes when I look out at my garden Lovely photos

  2. Joy is opening my gmail & finding an email from you. Everyone who commented said it all. I, too, did an internet search to see if you were someplace else. I had to rely on my "card ideas", where I've copied favorites to use as inspiration for years.
    The trend I've noticed is using pattern paper. Since two & three stamping and then no-line watercoloring has been all over the place, I wonder if a return to patterned paper is the antidote to "No. It is not easy!!!" Ah...Simplicity.

  3. So nice to see you again. You've been missed!
    If you've not tried layering stencils, you are in for a treat.They really make you look good, especially those of us who don't (because we suck)color. The results are fabulous.

  4. Lovely to see you back stamping ... I still get your posts on Feedly. Love your bookshelf and sentiment.
    I've been a bit out of my normal creative routine for the last few months too. Have a huge amount of new stamps to baptise with ink. All a bit overwhelming.
    Congrats on losing the weight! I've been resisting changes towards healthier eating since covid hit - perhaps I should join Noom too.


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