Saturday, October 29, 2022

Thoughts and Feelings

So the first chemo treatment happened at the beginning of October.

Then, the BEST thing that happened in October was the wedding of Elle and Craig. Elle is our niece, and Craig is the love of her life who also has excellent comedic timing.

The above is my favorite picture from the wedding festivities, simply because the bride, Elle, worked the camera like a boss, and the groom, Craig, timed his break in photo protocol perfectly and proved that he belongs in our family. George responded that he would never wash that spot again. 

The bride was beautiful. So was the groom. And so was the groom's sister, who was his best person.

My favorite moment of the ceremony. Craig just
kept saying, "I love you," over and over.

Elle's mother was beautiful and walked her down the aisle. The groom's parents, Cindy and Kirk, were beautiful. 

And since it was Elle, there had to be a costume change before the reception/dinner. Certainly, dancing in her gown would have been impossible. Check out Craig's green velvet smoking jacket and Elle's red shoes. Oh, my. 

My own little family looked beautiful, too. 

George also captured my new profile pic for social media.
Don't get used to the hair, though. It didn't last long.

The whole wedding experience was delightful from beginning to end. We could not be happier for Elle and Craig, who are as made for each other as two humans can be. 

A wedding sure lifts the spirits. 

Almost as soon as we got back, my hair started letting go. So now hats are my jam.

I texted some friends to meet me at the mall to look for a hat just before the shearing. Three women showed up, and they made it more than was fun. 

The hair shaving bothered me more than I thought it would. My husband was a peach about it (see what I did there?), and he even took all the shorn hair out to the woods by our house so the animals can use it...and so I wouldn't have to look at it. But I've much as a person can under the circumstances. 

And people have sent me some amazing hats and scarves, so it's fine. 

It's amazing how often those words cross my lips. 

It's fine. 

Because there's precious little choice in the matter. And I'm surrounded by not just one but several communities of support. My little family, with George as a rock and warm place to land. My church and book club friends. My extended family in multiple states. The stamping community, which has come through with so many lovely cards and well wishes on social media. The support I and my family has received has been truly heaven sent.

An abundance of blessings. 

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and gratitude,


  1. Hugs ... so glad you got to share their special day.

  2. What a beautiful wedding. Happy memories to keep you warm during the hard dark days ahead.
    I pray that God will keep you strong during those days and nights, He will keep you secure in His hands and that angels will support you on their wings to soften your beds.

  3. Lovely moments to treasure.
    Finding small joys each day as you walk this difficult road ... like the fact it's heading towards winter and wearing hats is easier than mid summer.
    Gorgeous new profile photo! Your hair will grow again.
    And I keeping praying for you ... often using Katy Nicole's words ...
    I speak the name of Jesus over you
    In your hurting, in your sorrow
    I will ask my God to move
    I speak the name 'cause it's all that I can do
    In desperation, I'll seek Heaven
    And pray this for you
    I pray for your healing
    That circumstances would change
    I pray that the fear inside would flee in Jesus name
    I pray that a breakthrough would happen today
    I pray miracles over your life in Jesus name, in Jesus name

  4. You look cuter than anything in your cap. Here's to a quick recovery and return to health. Your cards are so beautiful, they always make my day. Thanks for the blog posts!

  5. Thank you for sharing your difficult journey with us. You are so fortunate to have a sold guy like George in your corner as well as your close family, friends and faith. It a great support combo! Wishing you peace as you travel forward...and humor too.. It will help.

  6. Susan, thank you for sharing the wedding photos. What a fun, beautiful, loving couple the newlyweds are! So happy that your support groups are so strong in numbers and faith, and that you've had some fun days (hat shopping) as a result of the bad stuff. We are all out here cheering you on, and I've been lifting you up by 1st name only in church each week, so you have a whole church family in MO doing our prayer warrior prayers. Wish I were closer, and could come sit with you during your treatments. Those were the longest ever days when I sat with my mom. Glad you've got that handsome rock to lean on, and free hair treatments too! In Christian love, my friend...

  7. Glad to see those smiles, happy times and cute beanie. Great that you have a good support system and outstanding family!! Prayers for strength and healing along this chemo journey. You've got this!!

  8. Hate that chemo does that! We're all pulling for you, Susan! Hang in there, and beat the heck out of that cancer - you can do it!! Nice pictures, BTW!

  9. Haven't seen you post in a while. I hope you are okay, and letting you know I am praying for you!


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