Sunday, September 10, 2023

A Little Stamping Does a Heart Good…and So Does New Product!

I'm baaack!

Isn’t our little hobby the BEST? When you’re feeling down and have some funds, you can try something new and perk yourself up nicely!

My hubby agreed that I deserved a bit of a treat after the past year, so I bought the BetterPress system and a bunch of plates and dies. I’ve always wanted to try letterpress, but it seemed so finicky and fiddly and had a too-steep learning curve. The BetterPress is incredibly easy to use and produces amazing results first time!

Jennifer McGuire has some excellent videos on the new system from Spellbinders, and I’m happy to confirm that it’s every bit as wonderful as her videos make it out to be. 

Also, if you have Archival inks from Ranger, you can use those successfully with the BetterPress. The results are fractionally less crisp than with the Betterpress inks, but they are close. The BetterPress inks are only available in 8 colors right now, but that will be expanding in the future. Of course.

Many of the plates are quite large and therefore difficult for the white-space-lover to incorporate into her style. But I persevered and adore the results.

Close cropping of these three blooms gives plenty of room for white space, and coloring the image with metallic watercolors gives it a shimmer hard to capture fully on camera. 

The watercolors are also new. I’ve had a bunch of Twinkling H2Os for years, but the colors are somewhat strange and random. So I purchased this beautiful set:

Personal Update

For those of you interested in my cancer journey, I must say this has been quite a rollercoaster since chemo and radiation treatment ended. Just when it feels like the ride is over, all the sudden, something happens and you start chugging up another hill…only unlike a rollercoaster, it’s not fun at all. 

I’ve been moderately depressed, mainly because the recovery has been sooooo long. I had a leukemia scare (fortunately false!), but that showed me how bad the PTSD is. Sheesh. Those of you who’ve been through this probably know exactly what I’m writing about. It sucks. 

But despite it all, I am so incredibly grateful for all the love and support I’ve received, for the medical care, for the prayers and well wishes. I AM on the mend, but the healing process will take longer than I would wish. And it’s not a steady climb but a rollercoaster of uncertainty. 

New stamping toys help. Just sayin’.

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,



  1. The PTSD is real! How could you not feel vulnerable and on high alert after cancer and all that you have been through. It does get better with time but it takes time. Wishing you all the best in your healing!

  2. Good for YOU getting new toys to play with! Your card is stunning. Sending good thoughts your way on your recovery too 😍

  3. beautiful and elegant. I am so sorry that this is such a difficult time and send healing wishes.

  4. Had been wondering about you...glad to see your post and this card is beautiful. TFS Sending best wishes and love to you as you heal.

  5. I'm sure I speak for all your followers when I say WE MISSED YOU! So happy to see your email in my inbox! Take care, Susan, and hang in there! You've made it this far, so keep on keepin' on!

  6. So happy to see you're back. I was thinking about you just this past week and wondering how you were doing. It sure is a long road walking through the cancer woods. Be patient and gentle with yourself.
    It's wonderful to see you have your energy back to be creative. You bring your special Susan CAS touch to these Betterpress designs.
    I wish you small joys every day.

  7. So glad you're back and feeling well enough to post. I've been thinking about you. As always, I love your cards! I wish you good health and happiness!


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