Monday, July 8, 2024

Soft Christmas

It’s rare that I make a card I actually like with a colored card base. I love lots of cards with colored card bases made by other people, but the cards almost never look like I made them when I do it. There’s some sort of cognitive dissonance that afflicts me almost every time. 

But not this time. 

This card feels completely mine. The soft, grayish, greenish blue (or bluish green) makes me so very happy. *squeal* Stamps by Papertrey. 


It feels good to speak your truth. I finally sent the email I composed in May to the lawyer for dad’s estate. She’d sent me a form, as per South Carolina law, but let me know in no uncertain terms that I was excluded from his will. Big surprise, that. 

Not really. He disowned me when I was 19. For a while, my sister was the sole beneficiary of his will, on the condition that she gave me not a penny. Narcissists like to sow discord and division, and I’m proud to say that he never succeeded at that with me and Lisa. Then, Lisa did something to piss him off, so we were both cut out. 

Anyway, I considered not responding at all to the lawyer’s letter, but this morning, I realized that this poor lawyer was doing her job. I assured her that his beneficiary deserved his estate given how kind he was to them in life, and they to him. Those of us treated unkindly by him don’t want a thing from him. He didn’t give us the one thing we valued, which was honest love.  

THAT would have meant something. 

It felt good, but so sad. How can one human create so much chaos, conflict, and harm in his life? As my sister said, it ends with us. 

Mercy, grace, peace, and honest love, 



  1. Your post about your dad really resonated with me. I have 4 siblings and when my mom died, we found out via the will that two of us had been excluded from any inheritance The two of us who were excluded had at one time disagreed with her and even though apologies were extended she remained resentful. My three siblings that were to inherit decided it wasn't fair to the two of us who were excluded and split the estate 5 ways instead of three which they were under no obligation to do. I think all 5 of use tried really hard in our lives to do and be better people than the example of our mother.

  2. So glad you are speaking your truths, and taking care of yourself. So sad that you had this experience growing up. So happy that you have a great sister that also understands the need to end the chaos, conflict and harm. That is indeed a treasure, as is your latest card. TFS!


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