Monday, April 27, 2009

CAS12 Challenge: Little Bits of Ribbon

This week's Clean and Simple Challenge is to use little bits of ribbon as tabs or flags on a CAS card. Here's my sample card. The focal image is a detatchable bookmark for my niece, who loves to read (so it's not as bossy as it appears, LOL!). This fun color combination was inspired by the April issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. So fun and spring-y!

I did a whole color series of this card:

This was my favorite by a nose, just because the colors are so warm and friendly. The other combinations included cameo and turquoise; passion pink and green galore; and pumpkin and brocade blue on a cream base. Obviously, these three use complementary colors and have more color punch, which makes them cheerier, I suppose. I was limited by the colors of ribbon I had on hand. This little experiment made me want to order more ribbon in all the SU colors. Yikes!


  1. Love these cards! The bookmark one is great - my daughter is such a bookworm, she'd love it. And the vase from that set looks so good!

  2. These have such lovely fresh spring-like colours. I just can't seem to get away fron black and white lately. Lovely bookmark.

  3. These are wonderful as always! I'd love to see the cameo/turquoise--sounds like a combo that's right up my alley. :)

  4. Two great cards here, I love the bookmark one!


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