Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CAS78 Ways to Use Polka Dots

The Clean and Simple challenge this week at SCS is Way to Use Polka Dots. It made me realize how very long it's been since I used polka dots. Combined with trying to use a hard-for-me stamp set, this challenge made me very, very happy.

How-To Tips: I adore the PTI set Signature Christmas, but Dawn's handwriting is sometimes hard to get straight. So whenever I use this set, I use my gridded acrylic block and line up the typeset portion of each sentiment with the grid, test it on the edge of a scrap of copy paper to see how straight it really is. Unfortunately, with the little Noel stamp, there's no typeset portion to line up. So I stamped the stocking first, then stamped Noel, THEN CUT OUT THE SQUARE using my quilting ruler and craft knife. The Noel sloped a bit, but that didn't matter because I could tilt it and then cut.

OLW15 Announcement: Given the fact that I still haven't commented on all the OLW13 cards and very few of the OLW14 cards, I'm going to postpone OLW15 for a week so I can get caught up. I so enjoy seeing all the cards you make and gain so much inspiration from them, and I want to comment on each one so you KNOW it!

Blame Daisy. It's all her fault I've fallen behind in my commenting.

Perhaps you can forgive her.

stamps: PTI Signature Christmas, Stocking Prints
ink: SU celery, old olive
paper: PTI white, SU old olive
accessories: pearls, ticket corner punch


  1. Love your card Susan! It look so good in green......I would probably have chosed red and had it look ordinary!!!!
    I wonder you get anything done at all with this gorgeous creature!!!!

  2. LOVE your card ... the perfect CAS holiday card!

    Phew, I thought the slant in Dawn's writing was just me. Thanks for letting me know it isn't ...

    And I have to say that Daisy is the cutest dog in the world. No, the Universe! We're talking seriously cute and lovable ... but you already know that!

  3. Hooray! Does that mean I get another week to add a card? lol... Love your card, Susan - that green looks awesome. And Daisy? Total cuteness - she's forgiven!

  4. Great tip for 'fixing' crooked sentiments.

    Daisy seems to be the perfect reason for not being online as much!

  5. LOVE the card and am happy someone else notices crooked sentiment stamps.

    Darlin' Daisy.....what a cutey!

  6. What a great card, love the colour scheme, and a great tip! Heather:)

  7. First, love your card.
    Second, it's glad that you're going to comment. Even if you don't, I know you've seen them all on the right sidebar.
    Third, Daisy is so cool...

  8. With those puppy dog eyes who am I to complain..she's so cute!!
    and love the green on white!

    (guess what the word verification is on this post, furabby, though i read it as fur baby!!)

  9. Oh nice use of the puppy dog eyes there!!! LOL!
    Loving your stocking in my all time fave colour - the pearls are the perfect finishing touch!

  10. Oh, who couldn't forgive a fluffy puppy like Daisy? She's so CUTE!!
    Love your card! I've had a hard time with the shorter stockings from that set, scale-wise -- square to the rescue.

  11. Loooove that card, but Daisy is absolutely adorable! Aren't puppies the bestest???

  12. Great card. You have inspired some gorgeous creations on last week's challenge - I need to take a better look at them in the next week. Your Daisy is a DOLL!!! So, so adorable. I'd be hard-pressed to get anything done with her around.

  13. how can u not forgive that face?

  14. aaaaawwwww, you are forgiven, she is forgiven ... she is ADORABLE!!!! Aaaaaaawwww!!! But look at her chew, LOL!!!

    I love your christmas stocking card. That is one Christmas set that I drooled over but haven't bought. The top of the stocking looks flocked but you haven't listed it so it must not be.

    I have thought lots about your question about having purchased "hard to use" sets. I have a number of those. I think I will pull them out today and give a real "collage try" and see what happens!!

  15. All it took was one look at her beautiful dark eyes, and I said "oh yes, I'll forgive her for postponing the next challenge". I love your posts about cards but now I'm just as eager to check for new Daisy photos!

  16. STUNNING CARD! its just perfect.

    Oh hello little Daisy! Isnt she just adorable! Oh no wonder you are busy!

    I hope you both enjoy every moment of happiness she will bring you.

    Keryn x

  17. Oh! this card is simply charming, not unlike that beautiful puppy of yours, you could almost forgive her anything:) xx

  18. Eee! Daisy is SO cute!

    You haven't used dots in a long time? *gasp!* I love them...I love this card...the pearls are the perfect touch!

  19. Adorable card! I, too, haven't play with polka dots in awhile.

    That Daisy literally took my breath away. Please give her a tummy rub for me! :)

  20. Wonderful blog and work! Cute doggie toooooo :)

  21. i too love polka dots and dont use them much, love the card,
    Daisy is cute, but even if she wasn't you are forgiven cause you give me and the rest of your following so much, you've given us weeks of fantastic cards, tips and ideas so one skipped challenge... oh well.

  22. How cute is Daisy, and how beautiful is this card! The stocking cuff seems to have a lot of dimension... is it just the photo, or do you amazingly have the perfect shade of flower soft or similar?

  23. you've inspired me to do something in poka dots with this card, as for Daisy, she is soooooo cute.

  24. Another simply beautiful card Susan! The lettering selected for 'Noel' is so smooth and calming, conveying the effect of the holiday.
    Sorry we missed you at the park last week, so much for best intentions. Daisy is very cute. Enjoy her!

  25. How do you do it? I have a similar stamp in my Christmas box which I have just ignored....... No more...

    As for Daisy...She melts my heart. Enjoy.


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