Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birthday Butterflies

Are you sick of my new butterfly set yet? I promise this will be the last time I post a card with it for at least a week. I think. Maybe. I could be wrong. In fact, I probably am wrong. Now that I think about it, I most surely am wrong. You'll see one this week during the Mystery Week of Fun that Mary Dawn and I have planned for you.

Anyway, this little set of cards will go to my sister, Lisa, as part of her Christmas present. She and I often just give each other money for Christmas because she likes photography equipment and I like stamps, and neither are things you can really buy for another person. It's best to enable them to pick what they want. Or what they don't already have....

This year, however, Lisa wants a box full of handmade cards she can send to people. She's a busy working mom of three who can't make it to Hallmark easily. She also wants a subscription to Martha Stewart Living Magazine. She has no time for the DIY stuff, but she loves looking at the magazine anyway.

I, in turn, will ask Lisa for money to buy accessories for the letterpress that my mom is giving me for Christmas. YES!!

Lisa loves clean and simple.

She loves white space.

She loves butterflies.

I guess she'll love these cards, too.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend and have had your curiosity piqued for this week's fun. See you in the morning with  THE CARD, the one from yesterday's post. With all the build-up, I hope you are NOT disappointed.

If you are, please don't tell me.

stamps: SU butterfly, PTI sentiment
ink: Memento
paper: PTI white
accessories: scalloped scissors to round the corners a bit


  1. I'm sure your don't mean you hope we will be disappointed with THE CARD do you Susan?
    Love these butterfly cards now I really will have to order this set.

  2. Your sister will LOVE these cards! I gave sets of cards to several people last year and they all seemed thrilled to get them!

    And...surely you don't expect us to be disappointed with the card you gave such a glowing buildup do you?

  3. These are lovely - it's a very pretty butterfly. My favourite is the green one.

    Looking forward to THE CARD!!

  4. I don't think I could ever get sick of butterflies - these are BEAUTIFUL! TFS

  5. Oh you've built me up to bursing point, Susan!!! I just know I'll love your card tomorrow (and I'll tell you so too!)
    This set of cards is simply beautiful! Love butterflies, love white space and adore the way your sentiment overlaps the image!

  6. You can never have too many butterfly cards, ever. I think it's terrific when people say what they want as a present rather than giving something unwanted. Your sister-in-law will be thrilled with the cards.

  7. Thanks for catching that, Sue W. Amazing what a NOT does to the meaning of a sentence, LOL!

    I'm going to blame the cold medicine.

  8. What beautiful butterfly series..she will love them I am sure!! Oh , and thanks for getting rid of the dreaded L in my name for me:)

  9. You really should get commission on what products you use...this set was a maybe on my I'm thinking about it list, certainly not on my gotta have list TIL NOW...lovin' white space more and more
    patti moffett

  10. Love the cards, but what caught my eye was your Christmas present! I can't wait for you to get it so you can show us all about it!! I'm so excited, it's like I'm getting the present!

  11. Your sister will love the cards. I'm waiting for THE CARD with great anticipation; I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

  12. I'm so excited you're getting a letterpress! You will have fun. And get messy -- while creating extra-clean cards!

  13. I love these butterfly cards and I am sure your
    sister will too!

  14. Sigh, what a glorious Christmas gift.
    I usually give my mother in law a box of handmade cards, she sends cards and likes to be able to send something handcrafted and different.

  15. The butterflies are lovely, but I am fixated on the letterpress! I can't wait to see what you make with that (yes, I know it is months away).

  16. Beautiful cards! As far as I'm concerned, you can keep the butterflies coming. :) I do like how this set comes with a body/antenna stamp... I've decided I feel badly for all those antenna-less butterflies out there. ;)

  17. These are a simple and fun set of greeting cards. A great gift.

  18. What a sweet set of cards and what a thoughtful gift!

  19. Lovely! My favorite is the green one. TFS.

  20. I love these cards and have these sets - I'm off to make a set too! Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. You make 'simple' so beautiful. Your sister is going to love these.


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