Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bee Happy

In my previous life as an academic intellectual, I despised puns. Now, however, I'm starting to like them. Or at least not despise them. And sometimes, I can actually use one without feeling like grading the card in red ink with a big, fat F.

Such is the case today with these adorable bees from Hero Arts. LOVE them! (By the way, in my previous life as an academic intellectual, I never used all caps or exclamation points, either. My goodness, how the snob has fallen!)

I made this card from bits and pieces I found in my tin of bits and pieces...punched and/or stamped pieces that have been sitting in a tin for months (or years) just waiting to be used. I'd made about five or six of the heart circles with the gemstones long ago, and, at another time, had stamped, colored, and punched the bees. When I dumped the tin out last week, bees fell next to the heart circles and INSPIRATION!!!!!

(More all caps and exclamation points. Have I no shame? No, not really. This blog isn't, after all, the Publication of the Modern Language Association or the Journal of Medieval Studies. How many of you would be here if it were one of those revered and respected scholarly journals? Yeah, I thought so. Typographical shouting and punctuational enthusiasm add charm to my current life as a stamp-obsessed, stay-at-home-mommy blogger. Go, me!)

Tomorrow, I'm posting about photographing cards, which seems really strange because I don't feel my photos are anywhere close to the quality of, say, Julie Ebersole's or Joan B's. But for those of you who are novice photographers with limited equipment and next to no photo editing skills, well, I'm here for you. Or will be tomorrow.

Don't forget about OLW25! There are some amazing cards already posted to Jennifer's challenge, and I'm hoping to play sometime today. I have the perfect stamp!!!

There I go again. Let's hear it for egregious punctuation!

stamps: Hero Arts, Papertrey Ink (sentiment from Honey Bees)
ink: Palette Noir, SU markers in amethyst and celery
paper: PTI white, SU amethyst
accessories: heart and circle punches, rhinestone, dimensionals, scallop scissors to round the corners a bit


  1. Good morning Susan

    This is such a sweet card. I'm sort of fond of puns. And as for exclamation points!! They rule the world!!!!! See!


  2. this is adorable. I swear I only use exclamation points on the internet!!!!! and thanks for the nice comment about my photos. much time spent on learning!

  3. Simply adorable. Love the soft color combo.

  4. Cute card! I just got a bee stamp... It's hard not to use exclamation points when writing about a blog post that brings a smile to my face. I'm so looking forward to your post about photographing cards. I take pictures of my cards just so I'll remember what I've created. I'm definitely lacking photography skills.

  5. Cute, cute card! Simple, and with a great message.

  6. I love it when saved pieces work up into a great card.

    Perfect timing on the photographing tips....I just put a slide-show on my recent blog post of 5 cards I made for Halloween and I know nothing about photographing cards--any help would be appreciated. Looking forward to reading it.

  7. Your bees are adorable and their wings are a perfect match with the lovely adorned heart. Hehehe, we are on the same wave length these days. Just this morning my post went up about using scraps for the next 7 cards. And I am using a crafting magazine for inspiration ... again, following your lead! And I too use tons of exclamation points these days .. and don't often fix my lack of capital at the beginning of my sentences ... how bad is that? Off to correct the h and j before hitting "post comment"

  8. tis a better day when I peek in on your blog!!!!!
    love ya patti moffett

  9. Oh how I love this let me count the ways......;)

  10. Great card! I love it when I can use up bits and pieces from my scrap box. I also love your egregious punctuation. Exclamation points are my favourite type of punctuation. I also love dashes and over-use them dreadfully.

    I'm looking forward to tomorrow's photography tutorial - thanks for doing it.

  11. Cute card! So, am I understand you to say that I can now use exclamation points at will without feeling like my comments are scrutinized for grammatical correctness? :)
    I just love it when I can make something from my scrap bin! I've been making cards the last couple of days for OWH and so far everything (except the card base) has been from my scraps! YAY ME!!!

    Can't wait to see how you photograph your cards. Sometimes my photos turn out pretty good and sometimes not so good. I only get my best shots when I used natural sunlight, so if there's a way to shot at night, I'm all ears!

  12. Oh My...I see typos in my post. I'd delete it and retype, but I'm feeling lazy today! LOL!

  13. Love your cute little card! I can't wait for your post with photo tips!

  14. Great! Card! Susan! And while I can't count reading your blog as professional development, it's way, waaaay more fun than anything I've read in MLA lately. Waaayyy more fun (see? I go with egregious intentional misspelling AND egregious intentional punctuation!!!)!

  15. Oh, Angela, I'm feeling sad. It's been years since I had a need to read PMLA. Sigh. I miss all the jargon.


    But I do miss the ideas and the occasional article on medieval literature that would really get me thinking....

  16. Since you now tolerate the occasional pun, all-caps word and excessive punctuation... could this card BEE any cuter???


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