Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Using Twinkling Paper in a CAS Layout: Part One

Painting an image with Twinkling H2Os (or any watercolor) like I did for yesterday's card is tons of fun but time-consuming. And 'cause y'all know I'm a quick-and-easy stamper at heart, I wanted to show how you can create shimmery paper and use it to make a variety of quick CAS cards. [Note that this technique would work with regular watercolor paints, reinkers, etc.]

I started with a watercolor paper block of Arches hot-press paper. Blocks are sealed on all four sides so all the pages are attached to each other. This means the paper wrinkles less than it would if it were a loose sheet. I use a butter knife to cut the paper off the block after it's totally dry.

Hot-press paper is smooth; cold press is textured. Hot press is MUCH easier to stamp on later, so I mostly use it.

First, I painted plain water on the area I wanted to paint. Then, I started with one color on one side, and while it was still wet, I painted the other color on the other, blending them together in the middle. As you can see on the red/gold side, I got some blooming of the paint, which isn't terribly pretty, but I just worked around that section when I started using the paper.

The two cards I'm sharing today are very minimalist...the CAS-est of the three days of Twinkling Paper I have planned. I used a 3/4" square punch to punch three squares of twinkling paper and stamped a single, small sentiment on the third square. Very shimmery. Very graphic. Very minimalist. *happy sigh*

The cool colors of the lavender and blue are so soft and required a clean, smooth, white base of PTI cardstock. You'll see the red/gold paper above shown on a card tomorrow, but below, I used squares punched from cold-press cardstock treated the same was as above. I used the same cold-press watercolor paper for the card base.

The close-up shows the texture. For stamping a small outline stamp like this, the cold press is okay. But these were scraps saved from a botched attempt to use the cold press with a large block stamp. Ick. Very splotchy and ugly, even though I used a stamping mat and lots of pressure. After salvaging the unstamped areas with a punch, I felt so much better about myself.

Aren't small square punches absolutely the BEST!?!?

stamps: Hero Arts
ink: Palette Noir and Dark Chocolate
paper: PTI white, Cold Press and Hot Press watercolor paper
accessories: Twinkling H20s, square punch


  1. Yes! I Love love love them(square punches)and the circular ones. It's a shame you don't like the paint bloom, I think it makes the paper more interesting. Love the CAS cards that you've made:0) xx

  2. mustavecoffee, the paint bloom WOULD be interesting, especially if you did lots of them on purpose. But I'm a teeny tiny bit OCD and wanted a smooth blend for all the cards I had in mind.

  3. Susan, thank you so much for doing all this for us. I love how it looks originally, and I LOVE how it looks in small squares. I love the color combos you chose, and using different CS for each. These make lovely cards, they're different, and original pieces of art! And yes, I love the small square punches!

  4. Neat idea and pretty interesting results. I need to get some twinklers and I don't have any punches that small. Hmmm-I am getting a list a mile long-what to choose- as I can't have it all!

  5. yes, small square blocks are the best!! I love your twinkling paper!!!! One of my favorite products :-)

  6. Hi Susan, you are of course absolutely right, I have been a follower long enough now I should have known.
    You make me smile on a daily basis! Thanks:0) xx

  7. You make me thankful for the internet:)

    I have always enjoyed stamping but felt that most cards had too much going on (too much embellishing) and as I am not creative rarely came up with designs on my own; then I stumbled onto your blog, just my style and just what I needed for inspiration.

    Thank-you for sharing your ideas and tips, you always inspire me.

  8. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. Honesty, Creativity and Inspiration. Thank you for all that I have learned and was inspired to do! Debbie

  9. OMG these cards are CAS perfection! I love doing a watercolor wash as you've done here and using punches or die shapes to create a focal poing for a card!

  10. Perfect and beautiful cards. You inspire me daily and have made me try clean and simple when that hasn't always been my style. I like variety but am very taken with CAS. I cased your card today and put it on my blog with credit to you. I also put your blog on the sidebar so my friends can find you.
    Thanks for sharing what you do.
    www.eastyart.blogspot.com if you'd like a peek :)

  11. Beautiful cards. I'm wondering, how do you fold the PTI paper w/o getting a crack in the fold??? I love the weight of their white cs, but it always cracks on me, even with scoring first. Thanks.

  12. This is my kind of card, I love the watercoloured paper, love the squares and love the single word.

  13. How do you decide on your color choices? They always look so great together.

  14. More really beautifully simple cards, love how you get something so simple to look glorious


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