Sunday, May 8, 2011

Variations on a Set: Hero Arts Just a Note Last Card

I hope all the moms out there had a lovely Mother's Day! Looks like I'm getting a new water heater for my gift. Ours died on Saturday (moment of silence, please).

Thank goodness we're members of the YMCA so I can have hot showers until it can be replaced.

Fortunately, I don't need hot water to stamp. Today's card is the last of my Variations on the Hero Arts set Just a Note. I went for a totally different look, with a chocolate chip card base...LOVE IT!!!!

How-To Tips: There are tiny brown pearls on the envelope fastener, and the envelope is popped on dimensionals over the rulers, which are there to anchor the envelope visually. I masked the just out of the sentiment so it would fit on the lower envelope flap. Inside, I lined the card with cream cardstock so I wouldn't have to use a white pen to write in it.

Why is it that white pens ALWAYS dry up in the middle of writing on a dark card base? This will be one of my questions for St Peter. I'm not going through the pearly gates until I get an answer!

Coming Up This Week: Oh how I'm in love with Card Creations Volume 9 from Papercrafts Magazine. In. Love. People. We simply must discuss it. Also, I have a new Variations set that is oh so cool, to be released on Tuesday at Mark's Finest, with a patriotic theme. I'm feeling very patriotic these days, and have four cards to share!

But wait!

That's not all!

At no extra cost, I'm adding some tabbed pages to the blog and will happily take suggestions for what you'd like to see on them. I'm going to do a Favorite Supplies page to help newbies, and an FAQ page. Other suggestions? Also, does anyone care about the Labels on posts, or do you all use the Search box when you want something? I'm hating the labels lately and wanting to ditch them from the sidebar, but if you like them, I'll leave them.

Are you thinking, "Gee, is she ever going to shut up?"

Yes. Yes, I am.


  1. I much prefer tabs across the top to labels. I'm very visual and the labels aren't intuitive when I'm creating.

  2. The fave supplier tab is a great idea - loving your card too but RIP water heater!


  3. Wow! Lots to respond to today! Love your card. Always looking for manly ideas. A friend just sent my DH (who injured his finger tips with the router) a card with duct tape on it. "Duct tape can't fix everything." Must copy that idea!

    I'll have to look for Card Creations next time I'm craft shopping. Later today?

    Tabbed pages sound good. I have used your labels, but can adjust.

    Finally, I'm sure St. Peter will know the answer. Even The Mad Hatter at Disney World knew why my daughter asked him to sign my granddaughter's photo/autograph book with her pen instead of his usual crayon. He very loudly announced to the room, "Oh, you're one of those acid free, lignon free people!"

    P.S. Sorry about the water heater deal. Hope it didn't flood anything. My daughter came home from work last week to 3 inches of water in her finished basement. Hot water.

  4. We would never want you to shut up! We love your rantings and ravings! Besides, how would you ever know what we want if you don't ask us? I love the idea of a supplies page; it'll make it so much easier for those of us who stalk your cards! Don't care about the labels, as long as you keep the search box. You might do a page on your tutorials --- I refer to them so often! Last, love your chocolate card. Go You for using more colored CS! And sorry about your water heater; get a tankless one -- we love ours!

  5. Hi Susan, great card and I love the card base colour too...yummy:)
    I love the idea of tabs across the top and would love one for tutorials, the supplies tab sounds great too.
    Jenny x

  6. I like the idea of tabs too. I can't believe I missed the deadline for the circle OLW - seem to have lost a week somehow! But I've posted it on my blog anyway. Love circles!

  7. P.S. Just ordered the Card Creations Vol. 9, so I'll be ready to discuss it. Maybe you can call your new supplies page the "Supply/Enabler" tab. I joke about it, but I love every single thing I've ever gotten on a recommendation from you. Don't ever stop!

  8. Hi Susan, I may be in the minority, but I really like label lists on blogs. Sometimes I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for, and the labels help me realize what it is I'm trying to blatantly "case" from you :) The tabs sound like a great idea as well.
    I love reading your entries almost as much as I love your cards, including today's chocolate chip treat. You help me to see life in a more positive way, and I'm able to laugh more as I see myself in you. So please...ramble on!

  9. I really like this card. I always need suggestions for masculine cards. The tabs across the top will be a great idea. Sorry to say that I do use the labels. It is a nice and quick way to find something. I also use the search so I guess I could adapt. :<)Just to let you know, my white pens always change in intensity when I use them so I need to go over it again! Ask St. Peter that for me also will you?

  10. LOVE the card, as usual. I've said it before and I'll say it again ... when I grow up I'd like to stamp like you!

    I like the tabs idea and have been thinking of adding some to cut down on the stuff I have always added to my blog's right column ... and suggestions, you ask? FAQ (to include definitions for newbies such as CAS, CASE, OL, OLW, other acronyms perhaps?), tips, tutorials, OLW archive.

    I for one like the labels, in case I'm looking for a particular type of card ... AND I love when folkes have a search bar as well, but do whatever you please!

    Sorry to hear about the water heater ... and glad it didn't die in winter!

  11. I'd like a tab for all cards made using Papertrey Ink stamps please? thank-you, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your blog.

  12. Love the newest card. Mourning the water heater. Not as good a gift as , um, say, chocolate? I like the labels even without the numbers. Did i miss anything?

  13. Love the card Susan. Your style is so elegant.
    I rarely use the labels as I tend to just use the blog archives when searching for anything, it takes longer than using the labels but I rediscover so many other ideas and beautiful cards. The tabs idea is a good one and please don't ever shut up :)

  14. Nice card. I do use the labels and I search. Anything you want to do is fine with me because your blog is fantastic. Thanks for asking.

  15. Fabulous masculine card! Glad you can use your ruler stamp again. ;)
    I, too, use both your labels and your search box. As to tabs, Fave supplies is a great idea, and I like the suggestion that you link to your tutorials. I know there's a label (!) but on a tabbed page you could show the titles, too. Would you consider moving your "blogs I love" to a tabbed page?

  16. Oh no - I use the labels all the time! I can't always find what I'm looking for with the search function; operator error, perhaps? I took you to mean eliminating the lables and only having a few tabs. If you meant replacing the labels with corresponding tabs, then I'll start breathing again. I agree with placing your tutorials and guides in a separate tab.

    But really - your blog, your choice. I'll love your blog no matter what you do.

  17. just joining in...
    sorry about the water heater.
    LOVE this card.
    your blog however you set it up is great with us.

    and i agree completely with michele.....
    we NEVER want you to stop rambling. your thoughts and inspirations and insights are soo special, so
    ramble on!!

  18. oops!
    hope you had a happy mothers day with all your fellas!

  19. Yes! .......(moment of silence)
    Me too!
    Murphy's Law
    Search over labels
    That was fun!
    Lu C

  20. Hi there Susan, Oh dear, bit late catching up, I'm sorry you've had boiler problems, hope it's sorted now/soon. Never use the labels on a post so really don't mind how you organize. There is a law about writing with pens on treasured art/important letters they will always run out at a crucial moment, LAW. If you find out why this is please share?
    Love your card, that chocolate base is delicious. :0) xxx


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