Monday, May 16, 2011

Variations on a Set: Paper Tray

Papertrey's "Paper Tray" set (very weird name, don't you think?) got a thorough workout from me last month, but I forgot to post this picture, which spotlights my new favorite color combo: more mustard and baja breeze.

Really, I would never in a gazillion years put these two colors together. The idea came from somewhere and now cannot remember where. So thank you, nameless inspirational person. These colors ROCK!

Mindless chatter: This week is insane with end-of-year school activities for my two boys. I'm going to Muffins with Mom, Jack's regular class picnic, Jack's autism class's party, Thursday PM and Friday AM working the book fair, and (maybe) the 5th grade family dance. When the volunteer sheet for field day (next week) came home, I told Nick, "I'm not working Field Day this year. No WAY!" He started off disappointed and whined, "Why not?!?!" Then he remembered and said, with a very matter-of-fact tone, "Oh, yeah, you're not exactly athletic, are you, Mom?" Gee, son, thanks for noticing.

I thought next week would be easier, but the first thing just went on the schedule, and I suspect much more will follow, including a trip north to a veterinary orthopedic surgeon to look at Daisy's knees and a sleep study for me. Calgon, take me away!

Thank you for listening to my whine. Now, here are the supplies for the above card, as if you really needed to be told again.

stamps: Papertrey's Paper Tray
ink: baja breeze, more mustard
paper: PTI
accessories: Corner Chomper


  1. Great card, Susan! Those colors are gorgeous together. Glad to inspired us to use them! Sounds like your week is going to be very busy for our non-athletic friend! Have fun, enjoy the days, one day at a time, and keep us all posted!

  2. Love those colors together! Great looking card. I remember those busy end of the school year activities. Been ther, done the t-shirt! LOL! Good luck with the sleep study. I had one 3 years ago, thinking it was a waste of time...found out I have sleep apnea. Have to use a CPAP machine every nite now. That thing drives me crazy, but I'm not getting up exhausted every morning! So....good luck!

  3. Those colors are fabulous together! Love your card!

  4. Hi there, great card, the colours compliment each other brilliantly, they look like orange and turquoise which are opposites on the colour wheel. Which may explain their happy appearance but I've been fooled before with colours, ha ha so I'm only guessing:0) Still looks great LOL
    Hope the coming week pans out well for you all :0) xxx

  5. this is so pretty. enjoy the end of year activities!

  6. You are such a Design Queen. Seriously. Love this card. Enjoy your week.

  7. This CARD rocks! Fabulous job!

  8. To heck with Calgon, I'll have Scotty beam you up! ;) Worked for me with our daughter's busy schedule.
    Have you got a color wheel? These are great colors together, always pleasing. Pam

  9. Yes you ARE athletic! You lift stamps - up&down, up&down, up&down. Doesn't burn a lot of calories, but still, I'll bet your biceps and forearms are in great shape! And WE benefit from all that. Like today's card - how pretty! You're so right about the color combination, too; it's lovely. I've put off getting that set long enough. You really should be on commission to about 5 stamp companies!

  10. I love what you did with the set! I've looked at that set so many times and never thought that it could be used stand alone! The color combo is beautiful!

  11. Well, whining is healthy and what are friends for? Love the card and the colors totally rock.

  12. Good luck with everything going on at this crazy time of year! Glad you had a few minutes to post this sweet card! And yes, inventive set name...


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