Monday, November 28, 2011

Felt Poinsettias and a Reminder

Today's cards came out of yesterday's delightful make-out session with product.

I'm sorry. Was that too much information?

The product was a package of Hero Arts Felt Poinsettias I bought in a moment of weakness and have hoarded for several years. You don't have any fabulous unused products like that lying around, do you? Of course not. You're more sensible than I.

These felt die cuts are extremely high-quality, unlike the premade paper poinsettias I made out with first and whose end results shall remain unviewed by anyone in cyberspace or the real world. The paper poinsettias were poor quality; they looked like some small critter had nibbled their edges so the cards looked nibbled, too. When I moved on to the felt poinsettias, I managed to use practically the whole package on just two cards, which felt very efficient. (Did I just make a bad pun?)

Even better, I don't feel the need to buy more simply because the results are so lumpy and hard to mail. But they sure are pretty!

Hero Arts Felt Poinsettias come in packages of three colors (burgundy, red, and white) with two shades of green for the leaves. I layered two flowers together to get a richer, more dimensional look: the burgundy on the bottom and the red on top. The white poinsettias, of course, just got layered together.

Break out some unused product and give it some love this week!

Simplicity Tip: You can get a very similar look without the bulk of felt using a daisy punch and two shades of red card stock, a shade of green card stock, and a brad. White and cream might look lovely, too! The end result will be less textured but will carry the exact same punch for design that the felt poinsettias do. Of course if you own a die cut machine and daisy dies, you can create your own. But I don't die; I punch.

A Reminder: 52 Weeks of Mail is going strong! I hope you're sticking to your resolution of sending more snail mail. This is week seven, and I know I've sent out far more than seven cards, despite all the craziness in my life. With Christmas coming, this challenge will be LOTS easier, don't you think?

stamps: Papertrey Ink Signature Greetings (faux handwritten sentiment) and Silent Night (verse)
paper: Papertrey white

ink: cherry cobbler (SU)
accessories: Hero Arts Felt Poinsettias, small antique gold brads, glue dots


  1. Your cards turned out BEAUTIFULLY and I love your colour co-ordinated sentiments too


  2. Love the felt poinsettias on your card, everything just compliments eachother. GREAT card

  3. Beautiful cards! I think you keep spying on me though. Last night I was poking around the bottom of a container of holiday paper and found a small package. What was it? Why paper poinsettias! And yes, one went immediately onto a card and the couple others will soon follow. And yes, they've been hoarded for years.

  4. The felt poinsettias are beautiful, but I agree they'd be bulky to mail. I especially love your first card - the way the three flowers wrap around the greeting is perfect!

  5. These are breathtakingly lovely!

  6. Really elegant, such a wonderful look with the felt!

  7. Your felt poinsettias are lovely; beautiful colors. I like both of your cards. I am sad to say that I have quite a large rubbermaid bin that is full of "had to have," bought and never-used, embellishments. Most of them are quite lovely dimensional embellishments. There are chipboard stickers (flowers, words, foilage, and more), and stickers, rub-ons, transfers, and much more. I have seen numerous designer's projects, whereon they've incorporated multiples of these items on their cards or scrapbook page layouts. Their projects have always "come together" and they look good. When I try it, however, my projects end up lacking the continuity and flow that their projects contain. Or ... maybe I am too hard on myself. Or ... maybe I have the thought so deeply etched in my mind, that "real" paper crafters have to make all their own card embellisments by hand, that no matter what I make using any of my hoarded bin full of supplies, it will never measure up. I guess in the meantime, I will continue to admire the work of other's, hoping to one day get the "hang" of it. :)

  8. Lovely, and what a surprise to get your card yesterday. Beautiful bling and so thoughtful. Thanks

  9. Ha! I have been hoarding those poinsettias for years too! Thanks for inspiring me to use them! Love what you have done. I can use them for my library helpers - that was I can give the cards in clear envelopes and not mail them. Have a great day Susan!

  10. I really appreciate your encouraging us to use hoarded items ... I'm going to dig into my stashes and use some things. Thanks for the push :)

  11. Very lovely card, Susan. Have been making my own using a Penny Black stamp and like that too. I hear some felt calling!

  12. Oh, those poinsettias are luscious! I can totally understand why you would have hoarded them. The cards are beautiful!


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