Wednesday, November 23, 2011

She's Back!

What a relief! The house is ready (mostly), the sign is up, and now we just have to wait for someone to buy it. We still have some work to do, but the urgency is past. That means crafting time!

Of course, it's hard to find anything in my craft room. It's "staged," which translates as rearranged for attractiveness and the appearance of spaciousness. It is not arranged for crafting convenience. See.

The room looks huge compared to its pre-staging arrangement, especially when the chair is lowered and pushed under the table. I took out my second table, so my paper trimmer is propped under the desk and my scor-pal is on the desk.

It looks fabulous, but because stuff got stuffed wherever I could stuff it, I'm having a hard time finding some, uh, stuff.

That's not getting in my way, though.

We'll start my return to Simplicity with photos of the mustard seed ornament.

The base is gold shimmer paper given to me by kind reader Lisa. That paper made about 50 ornaments, and I used assorted other colors of shimmer card stock for the remaining 50.

The star is from Silent Night and the sentiment is from Everyday Blessings, both by Papertrey Ink. The ink is Ancient Page Saffron, which ended up being a perfect match for the shimmer paper. The center of the star features a single mustard seed.

The back isn't fancy. I printed these on the computer. An easy tip for doing this in Word is to create a text box with a border. Put your text in, format and size the box to as needed, and copy it to fill the page. After you print, cut just inside the lines of the text box, and you've got the perfect size!

The finished size of my ornaments is 4.25" x 3".

I've not sent many cards in the past two weeks. Can't let all those Thanksgiving/Gratitude Challenge cards go to waste, so I'll be filling them out tomorrow and mailing them Friday. Better late than never.

In closing, I want to thank Janet R. and Nicole P. for sending me cards. The cards, emails, and comments y'all have sent my way these past two weeks have really helped me during the craziness. Thank you ALL, and have a very happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Wow great message on the back of your card! It is so true, but most time we also forget fast when the storms of life are passing by.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Nice mustard seed ornament and scripture. I'd never be able to find anything in your craft room ... it's too organized! Heehee! The Happiest of Thanksgiving Days to you and yours! :)

  3. Welcome back. Sure have missed you. Love your craft room.

  4. Hi Susan, nice to hear from you. :)Your room looks great and the card is very meaningful.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  5. Your craft room is eally awsome!I really like the light on your desk!

  6. happy to have you back. not sure I've ever heard anyone go through so much to see their house ... wow!!

  7. Well doesn't your room look PRETTY!! Have a great Turkey Day!!

  8. It's good to have you back! Your craft room looks fabulous (but sorry you can't find things!). If I was house-hunting, it would sell the house to me! Not that I'd ever be able to keep it looking like that!

  9. Gosh Susan that's a very tidy room:0) The tags are brilliant and the mustard seed ornament beautiful. You still sound very busy so many thanks for sharing your latest creations and house progress, Gay xxx

  10. What a beautiful mustard seed ornament and verse and i can only say wow on your room its so clean and tidy Luv Sue x

  11. Glad you could get back to crafting in your beautiful, neat craft room. This ornament is beautiful! I really love that shiny gold paper and the design and scripture and sentiment make it even more special. Good luck with the sale of your house. I hope it happens quickly so you can mess up your room as much as you want! Happy Thanksgiving Susan.


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