Friday, August 24, 2012

Stardust Pens Are Bunny!

So, if you have a 12-year-old boy around, you may have heard the term beast, as in "That's so beast!" I'm pretty sure beast means something like cool, amazing, really swell. At least, that's implied from the contexts in which my 12-year-old boy uses it.

One night at dinner, Nick called something beast, and George asked, "Why are things beast? Why not a happy word, a feel-good word. I think you should call things bunny. That's so bunny. I like it!"

And ever since, cool things in our house are bunny.

Cool things like Sakura Stardust pens. In red.


What a great way to add a little something special to a card without adding any bulk at all. The ink is opaque, so you can cover up other colors with it...which is perfect with stamps like this one.

If you need more bunny in your life, get at Sakura stardust pen.

stamps: Papertrey Winterberry, Signature Christmas
ink: Memento cottage ivy, love letter
paper: PTI white
accessories: Sakura stardust bunny!


  1. You are right - your card is totally bunny!

  2. Yeah, I'm guessing your 12-year-old silently rolled his eyes when your DH suggested "bunny," right? Ha! I know my 13-year-old would have!

    I agree, the red Stardust pen adds a touch of class with no cool is that? Great CAS usual!

  3. Totally bunny.
    I have admired your use of the Stardust pens before and followed your suggestion and gotten myself some. So glad I did. I love their little twinkle.

  4. Very bunny. (And I love bunnies.) Great design work, as usual.

  5. I hate to rain on your parade, but we use the term "bunny" for something totally different around my house!-->flatulence
    Sorry, I shouldn't of told you that, but your lovely story made me laugh for all the wrong reasons!

  6. bunny awesome~ Just love the red star dust pen!
    Ah..the 12 yr old vocabulary don't you just love it? wait until words are replaced with body language and eye call it the twilight zone) Have a great Weekend :)

  7. Love your Bunny story! I think things are going to be bunny around here, too. Today's card is beautiful. The colors are beautiful, and I love the way the sentiment just snuggles into the ivy. It almost spoons it....which is so bunny! Boy has Nick started something.


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