Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gratitude Campaign Card #2

The Gratitude Campaign is off to a great start! I just love how quickly people embrace something positive and uplifting!

My second card for the Gratitude Campaign is another one-layer card, using First Fruits and Fall Elegance, only this time the image is from First Fruits and the sentiment is from Fall Elegance. These two sets just may be my favorite Papertrey sets of all time.

The card uses the "sweet spot" in the lower right corner, as well as some shiny brown rhinestone pinecones to kick it up a notch. And white space. Glorious white space.

Update on the Memento Ink Issue...

I'm not happy. Not happy at all. The inks I blotted are now, I think, too dry. It's very frustrating because I have never had a problem with the old colors and fully expected the new ones to work just as wonderfully as the old ones. I'm going to email the manufacturer about this, especially because some of you have experienced the same problems.

If you choose to blot, be careful not to over-blot. But I tested mine as I blotted, and at no point before I stopped blotting did they stamp cleanly.

In frustration yesterday, I pulled out my VersaColor cubes...I have several dozen of these. They worked absolutely flawlessly with the clear stamps. But the ink is dense, opaque ink, not the clear ink of Memento. For most of my purposes, VersaColor, VersaMagic, and Brilliance inks---all of which work great with clear stamps---will suffice. But it's just so nice having an ink like long as it works!


I will keep you posted.

stamps: Papertrey First Fruits, Fall Elegance
ink: Memento
paper: PTI white
accessories: brown rhinestones, corner rounder


  1. Sorry to hear about your ink pad woes....but I do love the card!!

  2. Do you think the ink problems might be with the Dew Drop pads?
    I have a few of the newer Memento colors in the large pads and fortunately haven't had any problems with the way they stamp.
    Will be interested in seeing the outcome of your note to the suppliers.

  3. Now I can relate to the "lower right corner space! :)

    Same with ink -- only I went to my trusty SU ink, nice, solid image. Tell me again why I don't use it?? :) Sometimes "new" isn't better~

  4. Love your card; like Vicki says, you can sure relate to the sweet spot here. Two smallish stamps can make a big impact correctly placed. Lovely. We're all distressed about the Dew Drops, and hope you can get an explanation from the manufacturer. I love the old ones I have, but my go-to ink is still SU. I got the small ink spots when they were offered for every color family, and they're just so easy to use. And clean, too --- when I use the big pads I end up with ink all over my hands (and thus, the beautiful white space!). So I just re-ink the cubes when necessary. I've even re-inked with a new color when the old color is discontinued --- like Cherry Cobbler over Cranberry Crisp. I know! But I'm not a purist, and it works for me.

  5. Aah....a wonderful card....that sweet spot is one I go for endlessly.....haven't got either of those sets so will have to improvise...sigh....

  6. Beautiful - love that sweet image :)
    Sorry about the ink pad trouble - I am sure the manufacturer will help/compensate!

  7. Another great card!

    Very sad news about the Dew Drops. I guess I'll get mine out and try them so I can be disappointed. I hope you get some information from the company. I'm glad now that I have only been able to find 4 of the new colors locally. I looked at one of my online sources a while back, but they weren't available there yet so I'm really happy that I have not been back to shopping online in quite a while. Now I'll put off getting the rest of the new Memento colors until I read further information on your blog. Thanks for keeping us informed!!

  8. Colorado Crafter, please let me know if your dew drops are okay. Seems some people's are working fine, so this may be the result of a bad batch or something else. I've emailed the company and haven't yet heard back.

  9. Gorgeous that sweet spot, too!
    I need to check my Dew Drops and see how they are...will check back to let you know.
    Hugz2u and good luck with that!

  10. See now that, THAT is my idea of a perfect holiday card fitting for any holiday sentiment! It takes my breath away.

  11. Gorgeous card. I love all that white space too :)
    Thanks for so much inspiration. But I also blame you for my PTI spend. :)


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