Friday, October 12, 2012

Autumn Blessings

I've still got a few Gratitude Campaign cards to share, but I'm basically finished making them and have to move on to Christmas cards. I sent most of my Christmas stash to Operation Write Home last week, and realized that I have only about twenty cards for us. We send at least 120.

At moments like this I remember the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's very good advice: DON'T PANIC.

Oh, but I'm panicking. Yes, panicking. I'm Arthur Dent, not Ford Prefect.

But I've got my towel, so it'll turn out okay.

Anyway, this card is so un-panicky. Soothing, pretty, and full of white space. It gives me hope. It's still autumn, and I have time.

On other business...reader Diana asked how I decide what stamps to sell. Well, most of them are simply stamps I've used enough. After a while, I feel like I've exhausted all possibilities I care to exhaust with a particular stamp or set. Some of the stamps I sell are too much like other stamps I have. Some are classics that I've held onto because "they will be useful one day." Some of SU's large background stamps are a good example here. I hardly ever use large background stamps anymore (though I used to use them a lot). Also, a few sets (particularly the PTI ones I'm selling) are adorable but not for me. Everyday Button Bits, for instance, is a great set...but not for me.

Too much stuff in a craft space can stifle creativity. I have many hundreds of individual wood-mounted stamps and close to 150 stamp sets. How many stamps does one person need? Well, that's a very individual question, but for me, I've reached a point where I really enjoy getting new stamps and no longer need to hoard what I have. It's easy for me to let go of very good stamps now because there will always be very good new stamps to buy. I need to make room.

These decisions to get rid of stuff in general arise from very deep and personal questions about, well, stuff. If you read my other blog or Joan B's blog Creating White Spaces, you'll already be familiar with the long thought process I and so many others have engaged in regarding stuff. Too much to say here, but definitely a subject for more posts in the future.

Thanks to all who have ordered boxes and helped me make space for new stamps! The stamp-heavy boxes are sold, only one of the stamp-and-scrap boxes is still available.

stamps: Papertrey Autumn Acorns, Round and Round
ink: VersaColor
paper: PTI white
accessories: dimensionals, rhinestone


  1. Thanks, Susan! I'm looking forward to making more space for my own creativity to grow.

  2. My gosh this is a pretty card. That little acorn just looks so classy with the colored border and the designs on the side of it. Really pretty. The sentiment atop the acorn is perfect. It's amazing how much impact such a small stamped area can make. Love it.

  3. Nice card. Your design is lovely. I really like the way you highlighted the acorn.

  4. PTI's Autumn Acorns is on my desk because it hasn't been used... yet. And because it's autumn. And because I need some thank-you cards. And because I'm nuts about all the possibilities with this set(pun intended).

    Love your card!

  5. Thanks for the reminder that I have the Round and Round set. I've used it but not enough. *** I also have many SU sets that I've kept "just in case." I need to do a purge soon.

  6. Autumn cards are my favorite, and yours is lovely. That sentiment is perfect.

    I like to get rid of some of my "stuff" every year. I sell at a craft yard sale, and donate the leftovers to a school. It's fun to reinvest that money into new "stuff."

  7. A lovely card.

    I am a fan of a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, both the book and the TV series. At the time that the TV series was shown in my home town, I drove a Ford Prefect, so my co workers loved to quote bits of the TV series to me on Monday mornings after the Sunday evening showing.

  8. I really need to get at least one gratitude card made! Sheesh!! Meanwhile I can not believe HOW FAST your boxes of stamps sold!! Wow - totally amazing there mf~

  9. Too much stuff in a craft space can stifle creativity---I so agree! I am at the point where I find myself not knowing "where to start....which stamp set to use"!? Thanks for re-affirming my thoughts.

  10. I came for the cards, and keep coming back for your sense of humour...although I'm not sure having my towel will help with my stack of Christmas cards!

  11. Never underestimate the power of your towel, Emma.


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