Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Doesn't Mother Nature do yellow right? If you live in the northern hemisphere, perhaps you've noticed the bright yellow chrysanthemums and leaves brightening up some gray days lately. I have a huge yellow mum between my two garage doors so I see it every time I pull in or out of the garage, and the view outside windows on the front and back of the house displays stands of trees that positively glow yellow in the evening sun.

I don't use enough yellow in my stamping. Let's fix that today.

This card shows the design principle of visual triangles. The circles, leaves, and bling are arranged in clear triangles. The variation in size of the leaves, circles, and bling adds to the interest of the card, and the asymmetry adds energy at the same time, hinting at the dancing leaves falling from the trees.

By the way, my golden retriever, Daisy, thinks God gives her falling leaves as a treat. It's nearly impossible to walk her on a leash this time of year as she tries to chase the leaves around. And eat them. She's not bright, but she makes us laugh.

Although fall yellows are lovely, my favorite fall color is the intense, flaming scarlet that graces lots of bushes around here. If I were horticulturally inclined, I'd know what the bushes are called, but alas, I must merely enjoy them, nameless.

What's your favorite fall color?

stamps: Papertrey Autumn Acorns
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey
accessories: circles punches, dimensionals, rhinestones


  1. Great card. I think the bushes you refer to are viburnum, or they could be burning bushes which are euonymus alatus.

  2. How creative you are, Susan. I have all the supplies you used on your card, but would not have thought to do this. The different sizes of leaves, circles, and bling add so much interest to this card. And the yellow just pops. Gorgeous card, and would also look so pretty in any other fall color. My favorite fall color is the deep red you see on fall leaves, but that's 'cuz my favorite color is red. Great card.

  3. Love this card, Susan :) I'm a sucker for leaves and I looooove fall colours! Don't know if I could pick a favorite. Probably between red and yellow, but then I loved rust, mustard, olive...nope, can't pick just one ;)

  4. fall is my favorite season, i love all the colors of fall. if i had to choose one it probably would be orange. which is surprising to me since my favorite colors are pastels.

  5. Great card, lovely colours. Hugs, Ankie

  6. Susan, I copied your card this afternoon, and I love it!

  7. Lovely design and colors, Susan. I love orange in the fall, the orange that has a hint of brown.

  8. Beautiful! I was enjoying the lovely trees on my way home from work today. This card captures the essence of my adoration of God's handiwork.

  9. Whenever I ask my 7 year old daughter what her favorite (fill in the blank) is, she replies "all of them." So I am going to steal her answer because what I love is the "rainbow" of fall colors. How they work together to make the world seem ablaze (in a good way).

  10. You are a design genius, Susan. I love how all the elements pull this card together, while still remaining CAS.
    You were right with the 'flaming' colors on the bush - it could be a burning bush.
    My favorite fall color is...I can't decide. Probably deep red with a hint of orange or yellow. Like all the leaves on my Autumn Blaze Maple right now. So pretty!

  11. What a gorgeous card! I love the overlapping circles, the beautiful yellow, and the bling. My favourite autumn leaves are the deep red ones on my dwarf lilac bush - it's the first plant in my garden to start turning colour and I instantly know fall is on its way.

    My dogs agree with Daisy - autumn leaves exist as giant piles of dog toys to chase and snuffle in!

  12. Great card. Favorite color of fall - the yummy orange of a pumpkin or maple leaf - not the crazy loud summer orange, but the thoughtful orange that makes me slow down and pause and reflect on what is going on around me and be thenkful. BTW - what yellow ink shade was it? The computer can do tricks with shading.

  13. Favorite fall color? All of them. It would be hard to separate one from the others because they all look so gorgeous together.

    I love your card. I'm really enjoying using this set. And you're an inspiration!

  14. Fall is my favorite time of year and I'm utterly unable to pick just one color as a favorite. My eyes flick from tree to tree, leaf to leaf, loving the various shades as they turn color. Let's just say I haven't met an Autumn color I didn't like. I really like your card, though. The yellow is perfect.


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