Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Card Set Inspired by Maile Belles and a Rant

Y'all have got to know by now that one of my stamping heroes is Maile Belles. Her clean-and-simple style is a win. Every. Single. Time.

She's amazing.

So when I visited my Cards Pinterest board and saw THIS card by Maile, I got an idea using Bitty Bouquets from Papertrey.

Note how I changed the sentiment font to go with the images. The light stems and flowers of the third card get a smaller, lighter font, while the heavy stem and flowers of the second card get a thick, heavy sentiment. The medium weight of the top stem and flowers gets a medium weight font. Go, me!!!

The corners of the sentiment strips were snipped with scallop deco scissors to give them a more finished look.

Now for the rant.

I'm having major issues with the latest Windows updates on my computer. Nothing is working properly. Chrome won't work at all. IE at least lets me browse, but that's all. I can't upload photos in Blogger AT ALL, and the Compose view of the post looks all messed up, while the HTML view looks fine. At least, I think it looks fine...I'm no HTML expert! Heaven only knows what this post will look like when it goes live.

Can someone tell me why Blogger isn't compatible with IE11? Seriously?

BTW, I logged onto my husband's computer to get the pictures onto this post. These updates don't ever affect HIS laptop's performance. I'd really like to know what sort of demon has possessed my computer. It really, really, really enjoys screwing with me.

My email isn't working, either, so if you email me, I can't receive or send, except through web mail. To fix that problem, I have to uninstall Norton Antivirus and reinstall it as a custom install so I can turn off the Norton Anti-Spam Plugin that keeps messing up my email because it's not compatible with Outlook.

This chaos happens every time there's a windows update, but this is the worst one yet. All the fixes I've used in the past are not working. Can you tell I'm frustrated?

Knew you could. Thank you for listening. I'm going to drink wine and eat pizza and contemplate the good ol' days before PCs until my desire to throw my laptop to the floor and jump up and down on it passes.

Y'all might not hear from me for a few days.

What a mess.


  1. I had a terrible time too. Everything on my computer was messed up and had to be remotely restored last week when the 8.1 update was forced on me and my computer. I had to allow them remote access in order to have it fixed. I also had to allow Norton remote access to restore my antivirus.

  2. As far as Chrome goes. I have to go into my firewall settings-program rules and "allow" Chrome access occasionally. Even when it looks like it already has access. Don't know if you tried that yet....hopefully you get it fixed soon. :-)

  3. Beautiful cards and I also am obsessed with Maile. She's great. Sorry about your computer issues - they are the worst!!!!

  4. This is why I use firefox. Sorry to hear you are plagued with these problems.
    Love your cards and I am enjoying watching you use your stash!

  5. So the good news? is that Microsoft is dumping IE soon.

  6. Had the same issue when moving from Firefox to IE but Firefox kept crashing on my system. No crashes since the change but it sure doesn't like Blogger. Keep getting an error message but doesn't go anywhere and doesn't seem to affect anything other than my temper. Sheesh. I can't see Microsoft dumping IE.

  7. I absolutely love these cards - so perfectly clean, simple and beautiful.

    As for the computer issues, it's not just you. I use Firefox and really like it, but it does have a tendency to crash. However I really don't like IE or Chrome, so I stick with it. Hope your IT experience improves soon.

  8. Why is Blogger incompatible with IE11? Because NOTHING is compatible with IE11.

    It's not you. It's them.

  9. When computers are good, they are very, very good.
    When they are bad, they are horrid.

  10. Well, I can't help you with the pc issues, but wanted to be sure you know that I LOVE your cards today!! Thank you, as always, for another day of inspiration.

  11. Love your cards today! Wish I could do clean and simple.

    Youngest DD had our computer all fixed last Friday and something certainly happened over the weekend or early this week. It's taken me 24 hours to get it back; no Chrome so I'm struggling with IE.

  12. I have found that when I encounter problems with certain sites in IE, I'm able to access them in Firefox. It's not perfect either, and a bit of a pain in the butt to switch back and forth all the time, but I find that between the two, I can usually get done what I need to get done! You can download it for free, so give it a try. I don't want you to pull out your hair!

    These cards are wonderful, and i completely agree that Maile rocks!

  13. Mailles is my fave CAS designer, too...along with you, Susan, of course! Love what you did with these PTI cuties!

  14. If I had a nickle for every time I've felt like throwing the computer out the front door (or better yet taking a baseball bat to it) I'd be a very wealthy woman!

  15. I'm so sorry about your computer issues. The cards are lovely.


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