Thursday, March 19, 2015

Playing with Little X's

When I was growing up, all the women in my life made little X' other words, they did cross stitch. My mom was the best at it, only because the backs of her projects looked just as good as the fronts (everyone hated her for that!), but one of my aunts at least made her fronts look as good as mom's, even if her backs were a mess. She and mom took stitch classes at various conferences back in the day before people got "psychotic" about stitching.

BTW, I have no idea what that means. I'm just quoting my aunt. Apparently, stitch teachers started taking the whole thing way too seriously and charging too much for classes. If I remember correctly, my aunt drew the line at paying $100 for one class to learn one stitch. That might not be technically psychotic, but it sure is crazy. When I think of how some paper crafters take what we do way too seriously, I guess I kind of understand.

These are HOBBIES, people. They're supposed to be fun...not a competition or a lead-up to bankruptcy court.

Anyway, my last cross stitch project happened in 1987, and I vowed never again to stitch another stitch. My project may or may not have been tossed at the wall a few times in frustration, which may or may not have helped it look better.

Whatever. I quit stitching because it was not fun for me and haven't once regretted it!

Anyway (again), that particular aunt is having surgery tomorrow. This card is for her. She will laugh, and laughter is the best medicine.

The idea for the card was pretty basic...I saw a lot of happy colors on Pinterest one day and decided to make a few spectrum cards with all those yummy bright Hero Arts inks I have. I love how the ascender of the "d" in "mend" sticks up around the bottom corner of the raised panel. That visually connects the sentiment and panel nicely, don't you think?

Follow-up on the last post's rant:
My computer is still driving me crazy. Turns out I CAN upload photos in Blogger on IE on the Administrator account, but not in my profile account. Weird. Chrome works just fine on the Admin account but not on my profile. Also weird. After uninstalling and reinstalling Norton antivirus, my Outlook account is working for now...though that has happened before and then it's gone wonky again because of the Norton Anti-Spam plugin. Oy vey. Finally, my computer can't find my wireless printer, so I can't print anything.

When George has me committed to the loony bin, you'll all know why.

To those of you who are also having tech problems, my deepest sympathy.

stamps: Papertrey
ink: Hero Arts
paper: Papertrey
accessories: dimensionals


  1. Great card, Susan! I agree with you about the cross-stitching - tried it a while and HATED it...never did it again. AND I can't print on my wireless printer, either...grrr!
    Hugs to you.
    Sunshine Sharon

  2. I love your rainbow of crosstitch x's Susan. $100 to learn one stitch. That's crazy. I used to love to crosstitch. In fact I was crosstitching or should I say trying while in labor with my first. Ha.

  3. Cute card idea, and the colors are fab.
    Have never had the urge to cross-stitch, so I don't know the frustration, but your description paints a vivid picture!
    Have been wishing I had a wireless printer for several years. Sounds like I should be careful what I wish for?

  4. Love this card and that story as well!
    Best of luck to your aunt!

  5. Hi Susan,

    Since you use Outlook, I wonder if you might be able to answer this question for me. Do you know why Yahoo e-mail accounts can't receive e-mails sent from my Outlook account? Other e-mail accounts will receive e-mails sent from my Outlook account, but Yahoo accounts won't. I've tried Google searches to get an answer to this problem, but have had no luck and it is so aggravating to deal with. I've never had this problem with any other e-mail account I've ever had.

    I used to cross do stitch, too - and also did other embroidery as well. I never took classes, but always enjoyed it until I just couldn't see well enough to do it easily anymore. I was always a slow "stitcher", so projects took me a while. Maybe if I could still stitch I would not be spending so much on stamps, dies and all things stamping. I never over spent on embroidery supplies. I'd just purchase what was needed for one project at a time, but with stamping it's too easy to buy stamps, dies and punches with good intentions but they end up sitting in the storage box or on the shelf and never get used.

  6. I'm glad your computer issues are subsiding. That card is cool - so perfect for your aunt.

  7. Love this card made with your aunt in mind! It might be fun for a "love" card too with X and O alternating rows. I've tried many of the needle arts over the years, and knitting is by far my favorite, but I do enjoy embroidery in small doses. I like doing the different variety of stitches, especially with wool for crewel, much more than the repetitive satin or cross stitches. Mostly now my DMC floss gets used like twine on my cards.


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