Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day, and a Little UYH

If you are a mother--through birth, adoption, or spirit--Happy Mother's Day. My day included reading aloud the longest passage ever in the history of liturgy during our worship service; receiving a card, chocolates, and flowers from my boys; taking the dog on a family walk around the neighborhood; eating scallops expertly prepared by my husband who had successfully beaten his personal record at a local sprint triathlon; placing an order (the fourth in two days) for new stampy stuff; and actually stamping some cool stuff with watercolor crayons.

Successful day all around. There weren't even any hard words in the Bible passage I read, despite its being so long. Yay!!!

By the way, if you ever want to know how to pronounce hard words in the Bible like Epaphroditus or Syntyche, don't go to Wikipedia. Their pronunciation symbols are designed for people with PhDs in linguistics..."Say what?!?" Instead google "how to pronounce Epaphroditus..." or whatever. Several websites pop up that provide audio clips of those hard-to-pronounce people, places, and things. For free. Yay!

Yes, you heard right...I've ordered quite a lot of stuff in the past few days. Mostly stamps, ink, and enamel dots, and a new stash of Gina K 120# white card stock for making one-layer cards colored with Copics/Bics/Sharpies. I predict much playing in my near future. This little spending spree should keep me happy until Christmas...or July. Whichever comes first.

And now for today's card, which uses one of the Tim Holtz background stamps I bought last week at Marco's. I can't imagine Tim ever making a card that looks this clean, though. Can you?

Of course not. This has LateBlossom written all over it. But I love the dot background because the dots are so close together. No ribbon needed to demark the line between background and white space. Yay!

This card also allowed me to Use My Hoard (remember the Use-Your-Hoard Challenge?). The circle and scalloped circle punches hadn't been used in forever. I have been off and on wondering about getting rid of all those scalloped punches that were ever-so-popular a few years back. This card disabused me of the notion.

So, how are you doing on your personal UYH Challenge? What sort of things have you tried and loved, and what have you tried and realized it was time to say bu-bye? Or have you forgotten all about the UYH? If so, hop to it!

But only if you want to. I'm certainly not the boss of you.

stamps: Tim Holtz, Dare 2B Artzy
ink: Hero Arts
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: circle and scalloped circle punches, dimensionals, rhinestones


  1. Wow, i love this. HAPPY MOTHER DAY
    you have wonderful blog,
    i followed your blog, please follow back. thank you #havealovelyweek

  2. Hi Susan. Sorry I'm a little late in commenting on this card but I love the background, as you say, its density is just right. Years ago when I first started reading from the bible in church a friend advised me just to pronounce difficult names confidently and everyone else will sit there thinking, 'Oh, so that's how you say it' :-)


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