Saturday, August 19, 2017

Joan's Cards for Karen's Card Shop...and Puppy Has a Name

Joan of Dear Paperlicious fame donated a batch of cards for Karen's Card Shop. Joan's style is clean-and-simple with a certain flair for color and fun that comes straight from her personality. She's also fearless, trying all sorts of techniques and even painting and drawing her own images. I've admired her art for a very long time and am so grateful she's donating to our church.

Like Shannon's cards, Joan's cards will sell very quickly! Allow me to share a few of them.

First up, here's the fun abstract art piece she sent to me. It's already on my inspiration board.

This high-energy card makes me so happy! Plus,
the use of black with bright, happy colors
masterfully anchors the design.

Joan's use of color here is outstanding. Instead of a crisp white
background, she softened the whole effect with a buttery card base.
The blues and greens are so serene, and the sentiment
placement is brilliant design work. 

The softness on this sympathy card's background
provides a comforting setting for a very simple
sentiment accented with two fronds. Love how
the pastel softness contrasts with the crisp, clean font.

Joan made two versions of this card (the other in
soft teal). The gorgeously subtle texture of the
cardstock carries this simply perfect card!

It doesn't get simpler than this...or more beautiful. The die cut is backed
with a lovely mauve. The effect is so feminine and pretty! 

Again with the black! Joan is inspiring me to use more
black in my designs. The loose coloring of whimsical flowers
lends a fabulously happy feel to the card. And there's
shimmer on those flowers! It makes me feel better
just looking at it!

These balloons have a delightful shimmer to them
(perhaps Wink of Stella?) and the rustic twine
bow is just the right foil for all the colorful shine.

Thank you, so much, Joan, for donating your beautiful cards to Karen's Card Shop.

After MUCH debate, our puppy has a name. We finally used Daisy as a tie-breaker. She drew a folded slip of paper from a bowl, and after Nick retrieved the slip from Daisy's mouth, the pup had a name.

Allow me to introduce...Cooper.

And yes, I will call him Super Duper Cooper. Or maybe Bradley. But Cooper he is.

Between Shannon and Joan's generosity toward Karen's Card Shop and that perky pink tongue, I'm a very grateful woman.


  1. Have followed Joan since first introduced to me on your site. Love her work—and personality.

    Good name for your young pup. You could also nickname him Sheldon....

  2. Cooper is adorable. Hope you continue to include pics of him.


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