Saturday, November 11, 2017

Cooper Update

It's been too long since I shared pictures of Cooper, so here you go. He's closing in on 35 pounds now and is four months old. He's starting to look like a gangly adolescent!

Such a handsome face!

He and Daisy would rather be playing than
practicing sit and stay. The photo angle makes
Cooper look bigger than he is, but he's growing fast!

On his way to the vet, buckled in with
a safety harness.

Alert puppy wants a treat!

Cooper is a good dog. He's mostly non-destructive...certainly better behaved than any of our three previous dogs. He's mellow most of the time (I suspect he's lazy) and loves sleeping on the ottoman, which we are considering renaming the cooperman.

We did have to buy a maze bowl to slow down his chowing down. The speed with which he ate was mildly alarming.

We're enjoying our growing bundle of furry love very much!

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,


  1. Really enjoy the pictures of the doggies. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cooper is gorgeous, as is Daisy. :-)

  3. Cooper and Daisy are both beautiful dogs! We renamed our footstool the "Frankstool" because that's where my dog, Frankfurter who went by Frank for short, liked to lay on the recliner when it was out.

  4. I love this update and seeing pictures of both your beautiful furry friends!

  5. Great dogs and pictures. So glad to see them. Dogs make me smile.


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