Monday, July 2, 2018

Christmas Red In July

Have you ever felt that life was getting out of your control? That you're moving from one fire to the next, pointing hoses and barely averting catastrophe before another fire pops up to distract you?

Or maybe a better metaphor would be Whack-A-Mole. Yeah. That. I'm standing here in front of a table with moles poking their annoying little heads up for me to whack, but I'm always missing.

That's my life right now.

I might be just a tad melodramatic, but, well, I am.

Anyway, with the little time I had to stamp this weekend, I made a red snowflake card.




The stamp set is Mama Elephant's Holly's Snowflakes, which is simply a delightfully designed set with snowflakes of all shapes and sizes and ever so much fun to play with.

The card started off one layer, but I stamped everything about a quarter inch too high and to the right. The finished result looked terribly off balance. Trimmed it down, centered it on a card base, and sighed happily.

Maybe I can balance my life the same way, but it's more fun to simply split infinitives and mix metaphors.

Off to whack some more moles.

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,

stamps: Mama Elephant Holly's Snowflakes, Papertrey Signature Christmas
ink: StampinUp real red
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: red rhinestones 


  1. love that card. the red is so fun for snowflakes!! I'm sorry your life is too much right now. I hope it settles down fast!!

  2. I love this! Snowflakes so often tend to only get the cool side of the spectrum, but they look fantastic in red, especially with such a whimsical design as these have. I love the little "joy" tucked in amongst them. It's such a cheerful card.

    Praying for grace and peace for you!

  3. I really love this, perfectly balanced and love how you used the small sentiment x

  4. Love the red snowflakes --they are unique. Love your comment about whack a mole because I can so identify with that. I have just finished two years on the board of our homeowners association and the "moles" kept popping up on a daily basis. Now I'm no longer on the board and still trying to catch up. Hope your life settles down soon because it does wear you out. Here's to peace and quiet of normalcy.


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