Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Visual Triangles

Snowflake cards are perfect for practicing visual triangles. Today's cards do just that...one with a portrait layout and the other with a landscape layout.

The three snowflakes on a strip of background are arranged in a visual triangle. I've noted before that the best triangles are irregular. Equilateral or isosceles triangles yield odd-looking designs. I placed the two larger snowflakes on the left and the smallest on the right; balance is maintained by the sentiment. The rhinestones reinforce the triangle.

The background "grounds" the design, but note that the two larger flakes and the sentiment go outside the lines. That keeps the design from being too boxed-in and linear. Both backgrounds were applied with mini ink applicators from Tim Holtz.

The colors were experimental. I wanted a snowflake card that wasn't blue, hence the pink. I really like it, but it doesn't say "Christmas" to me. Pink is also a high-energy color to my eye, and the sentiment calls for something more relaxing...like blue violet.

My preference would be to make the blue-violet version in a portrait orientation. The triangle seems too spread out on the landscape version, at least to my eye.

And that is all I have for Christmas in July, so reader Marilyn will be happy for me to abandon Christmas in July for something floral and summery tomorrow.

We continue to relax on Lake Vermilion. I actually swam in the lake...first time in four visits since 2012 for this Girl Raised in the South, where lake water tends to feel like bath water. This summer, Lake Vermilion is warmer than ever, and I didn't scream like a little girl when I dangled my toe in water that was still ice at the end of April.

Did y'all know that Dante made the lowest level of hell a frozen lake? Being raised in the South, I had always imagined hell as a hot, hot, hot. But then I lived on Lake Huron a few decades ago and learned that, indeed, Dante was right.

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,

stamps: Mama Elephant Holly's Snowflakes, Hero Arts sentiment
ink: various dye inks
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: rhinestones, Sharpies to color them


  1. Wonderful cards, Susan. Although I am not in "making Christmas cards"-mood yet, I really love both. Prefer the portrait one (by shape and color).

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yea! Snowflakes again! I agree the pink does seem a bit out of place with the flakes...but think how small poinsettias might look. I am going to try that! Must see if I have a couple of small enough ones to make it work. Thanks for the inspiration! Lu C

  3. As always, I really enjoyed your analysis. I prefer the portrait orientation — it feels more balanced — and the blue-violet does seem much more apposite than the pink for the snowflakes. Pink can be a fine Christmas color (and blended like that it evokes a winter sunset), but it seems to need lime, turquoise, or the like to read "non-traditional Christmas" rather than "summery," and that hot pink ink looks more merry than peaceful. Funny how red and pink snowflakes have such different effects!

  4. Yep, I'm with Dante. I imagine hell would be frozen. I like the pink, though I am generally not a pink person. I gravitate more to the blue, but I see what you are saying about the triangle being a little stretched out on the landscape version. Blue in portrait would likely be my fave.

  5. The blended ink background really makes a difference and I need to remember to have my images go outside the lines, I tend to crowd them into the strip of color.

    Glad you're enjoying your time in northern Minnesota. I had a 15-year streak going for swimming in Lake Superior every Thanksgiving. Not just dipping my toes in, but actually swimming. It was quite invigorating although others just called me crazy.


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