Sunday, September 9, 2018

Amazing Inspiration from Others

Today's photos are brought to you courtesy of some amazing crafters.

First up, my gift package from Brechtje in The Netherlands. She makes handmade paper cards. These are stunning, textured, almost too pretty to send. Whoever gets one of these needs to know they are special to me!

She also sent a lovely letter--a real, handwritten letter!--die cut butterflies, and a stamp set...all sent in a fun, polka-dotted and washi taped package.

Then there are cards from Kelle for Karen's Card Shop. She sent two boxes that arrived on different days!

And a card for me that celebrates my favorite season.

The second package came with another handwritten note. So sweet!

Linda sent me this patriotic stunner for Independence Day.

Eva sent me this CAS beauty. We're going to try to have coffee this week. It's good that I have stampy friends close by.

Shannon sent this encouraging and awesomely designed card to celebrate my new job. Which I'm loving, by the way.

I am blessed by so many of you, near and far. Thank you so much.

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and gratitude,


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