Sunday, September 2, 2018

First Fruits, Continued

Today's cards, like yesterday's cards, use Papertrey's First Fruits set. This is an old set but a good one. Note that neither of today's cards has a sentiment on the outside...though both have a thanksgiving sentiment on the inside. I just couldn't figure out where to put the sentiments on either card without disrupting the balance.

First up, a kraft card base with the stamped panel die cut using a stitched rectangle die from my friend Eva.

The added detail of the stitching gives the card an extra finish, as does the Stickles that I dotted over the pineapple.

Note how symmetrical this pineapple is.

Next up, a white-on-white card with not-a-whole-lot of symmetry.

I adore this card. First of all, the white-on-white layers make my CAS-lovin' heart happy. But the asymmetry also makes me happy. The way the bow on the twine holding the shock of wheat together is on the right, but the shock is on the left...that is pleasing.

Have I mentioned I received my master's degree from Wichita State University? Well, the WSU mascot is a fighting shock of wheat.

Strikes terror in the hearts of our competitors, I'm sure.

Related image

That's Kansas for you. Aggressive grains.

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and gratitude,

stamps: Papertrey First Fruits
ink: various dye inks
paper: Papertrey kraft, white
accessories: stitched rectangle die, craft foam, glue, Stickles


  1. I didn’t know you went to WSU! I did, once upon a time, as well, and live just south of Wichita. Brilliant cards—love the, both! Hugs! Mynn xx

  2. Nice cards, Susan. I always love all the envelopes you make to match the cards.

  3. Love that wheat card, Susan. Enjoy your holiday today!

  4. My son went to WSU for undergrad and we loved visiting! Glad to hear your new job is going well. Enjoy the holiday today.

  5. I think the only way to add a sentiment to the front would be on a small banner. I can picture it working well with the wheat, but would be more challenging with the symmetrical card. But then again, I'd likely feel compelled to add one to make it less symmetrical! That's just how I roll. I think it may have worked on a vellum strip? Anyway, they are lovely without the sentiment. Sometimes I like to keep cards like this in my "shoebox" so I can adapt them to any occasion later.

  6. Susan, so nice that your cards don't have sentiments on them. I'm often asked to make cars with no sentiment. It's been quite a challenge. Thank you for the inspiration.


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