Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Yay! I Stamped!

First off, let me thank Lu C for sending me a Martha Stewart scoring board. What a kind and generous gift!

Someone somewhere at some time in the past recommended marking the key scoring lines on this device, so that's what I did. Thanks, some person on the interwebs!

And now for a card I made today using a new acquisition from Simon Says Stamp called Sending Happy Thoughts. The top panel is slightly raised by using an extra layer of card stock under it, cut slightly smaller. I didn't want to pop it up on craft foam because that makes cards hard to mail.

The black and white with just a pop of hot pink makes me very, very happy!

I hope it makes you happy, too, because I've been thinking about you all. Classes are swell, and I'm thoroughly enjoying all aspects of teaching again (even grading!). But I desperately miss my craft space and the interactions with you. Balance is hard to find right now, but it'll come.

Lord willing and the creek don't rise, as my grandmother used to say.


  1. Hi Susan, So happy to see a post from you! I'm glad you're enjoying teaching, and I'm glad you're spreading your grammar knowledge (the world needs as much grammar knowledge spread as possible), but I have to say I really, really miss your regular posts and hearing what's going on with you. You are missed when you don't post and appreciated when you do!

    1. All the same from me!!! I hope you're teaching how to diagram sentences, too. :-) And yes, we all miss your crafty posts with or without occasional English lessons or classroom tales.

  2. Yes, indeed, we miss you very much! But wishing you every good luck with your teaching and in all that you do.

  3. Yay for you—and us! And your students! Everybody wins! 😄

    I have a couple of mailing tips to share. Sorry I don't remember where I got them—it may even have been here.... The post office requires additional postage for a card more than ¼" thick, so I cut a piece of foam core with a precise ¼" slot. If the card with envelope goes through the slot, all is well. The other tip is for cards that have embellishments that might break or tear. Before placing the card in the envelope, I fold it inside out so the item is more protected. Hope these tips helps others as they have helped me.

  4. VERY nice to see you back and with a great card too! You are so lucky to have found a passion in teaching that's profitable & one in stamping that's profitable in emotional ways. BTW, never had an issue with the USPS and craft foam...I just drop in the mailbox and off it goes! Sometimes the counter person may balk at something...so I just don't ask unless I absolutely have to!

  5. Yay..you're back! I was beginning to worry that something was amiss in your universe. Glad to know all is well. LOVE this card!That little red heart is the 'bomb'.
    Lu C

  6. Great to hear from you again. I do like your card and love learning how to do things. BTW I STILL miss teaching and I've been retired for years! Am happy for you.

  7. So missed your posts Susan and like the others was wondering if everything is ok. Like you getting a balance is challenging but surrounded by people you love makes it worthwhile. Love your card!

  8. So happy to see your post- I've missed you.

  9. I love this card, it really shows your style. I'm not a pink fan but that hot pink heart is perfect. Great pop of color with the black and white. I might have to try a little pink myself.

    Thrilled to hear you're enjoying all your classes. You've been teaching us all these years so it must be wonderful to be back in front of a classroom again.


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