Thursday, April 18, 2019

Happy Stamping

Turns out my optimism that teaching wouldn't interfere with stamping too much was hopelessly silly. It's rare I can sit down and stamp during a semester (much less blog about it), but I have made a few cards and want to share them with you in a quick post.

The first card up is much prettier in real life. The front is cut away with polka dots stamped on the inside of the card. It's a lovely effect!

The wreath is loosely colored (basically, I didn't even try to stay in the lines) and the effect is soft and pretty. I used three different shades of yellow green Copics.

For this card, my Copic coloring is quite amateurish, but I love the violet and green color scheme.

The envelope couldn't handle Copics, so I stamped a gradient on the side in a straight line, on the theory that curves love lines. The effect works...for me. You might have a different opinion.

This uses a new-to-me stamp set from Papertrey.

I used a fun gold and purple color scheme for this birthday card.

The gold dots were made with a gold pen.

Finally, this wedding shower card was designed to match a store-bought gift bag (on left). It was shockingly hard to find inks that would match. But it turned out pretty nifty, especially since some sequins made it onto the card and the card did NOT end up in the trash as a result. Sequins don't like me, for some reason. But they cooperated here, and I thank them for it.

And that's that. Until next time, which will probably come after I turn in final grades on May 8, I hope you are stamping happily--and more than I am!


  1. Susan, these are all amazing! You have inspired me to get into my craft room this weekend! Thank you for sharing and inspiring me! HUGS! :) Mynn xx

  2. It's lovely to see you back, even if just for a brief post. Thank you for sharing these with us! I hope you'll get more time to stamp again soon.

    I really like making tags and cards that match existing gift wrap, so your final card is my favorite of the bunch. When stamps or inks match serendipitously, it's joyous, but the results of brainstorming a simulacrum are so satisfying.

  3. wow these cards were worth the wait - fabulous

  4. Absolutely delightful. So pleased you managed to squeeze in a few cards around marking (what I have spent part of today doing) and share them with us.

  5. So very nice to see a post from you.I especially like your gold and purple birthday card.Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful designs once your school year ends.And thanks to Cacia, I have learned a new word.

  6. It's SO great to see you post again, and the cards were definitely worth the wait! Looking forward to seeing more frequent posts / cards, but I can wait... Hope your school year ends on a high note!

  7. I just found your site and I'm so happy I did. I love the simplicity of your cards. I see a lot of my crafting friends going in a simpler direction. I'm tired of the multi layered,embellishment filled cards. Thank you for inspiring even with your busy schedule.

  8. inspired by you:

  9. Loved the gift card that matches the bag! I need to go through my gift bags and see if I can CASE this idea. Hope to see you back on the blog soon.


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