Friday, November 1, 2019

Birthday Mission


I'm a crafter on a mission.

I sat down at my craft desk today to start making birthday cards for next year. Christmas is pretty much a lost cause at this point (Barnes & Noble has some lovely cards anyway), so I shall forge ahead with a mission to make all the birthday cards I need next year.

That's about forty cards. Which is about twenty more cards than I've made this year. But maybe, just maybe, I can do this.

Today's card is a promising start, completely indebted to THIS GORGEOUS CARD.

You'll note the obvious changes and similarities. First, I increased the white space around the focal point with a horizontal card (6.25" x 3.5") because, you know, why not? The color scheme isn't very different, but I used hearts instead of flowers with a watercolor effect. Instead of a single strand of string, I used two to bring together the colors of the hearts and add a little hearts are much more basic than Kleine-stempe's gorgeous flowers. And orange and hot pink look so fun and fresh together, don't they? I kept the black sentiment on a banner. 

For the mechanics, I used circle punches (1.5" and 1.75"), and to ever-so-slightly pop the top circle, I punched a 1 3/8" cardstock circle to glue under it. The Memento markers blend so nicely with a single spritz of water. What a simple, beautiful technique!

The Birthday Mission is definitely off to a satisfying start. Yay!

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,


  1. This is beautiful!!! I so know what you mean about Christmas cards being awash. I am still trying, though. I love your horizontal design on this!!

  2. beautiful card. love those circles and the colors are gorgeous.

  3. I’ve decided to “use up” all the bits and pieces of Christmas cards I have laying around. You know, I’m cleaning up and organizing. Wink, wink.

  4. Wonderful!! I love seeing crafters being inspired by others!

  5. Plow ahead and make those Christmas cards. Not everyone on my list gets a handmade card, just those that I know will appreciate my efforts. ;-) You've got a good start on 2020 birthday cards and a whole year to get them done. Christmas cards are just too gorgeous to pass up. Liz

  6. All is better with the world when Simplicity shows up in my email.

  7. The multicolored hearts are so sweet! Much luck on your mission!

  8. Beautiful card, and a great copy-not-copy! I wish I was as good as you are at planning ahead. Maybe someday. ;-)


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