Monday, February 10, 2020

Golden Butterfly

If you're a fan of golden retrievers, you might want to read (if you haven't already) the book by Trixie Koontz called Life Is Good. Trixie was the golden retriever of author Dean Koontz, and she authored two books (one from beyond the grave titled Bliss to You...good, but not as good as Life Is Good). Profits from the books go to the service dog organization that Trixie failed out of.

Dean Koontz wrote a book about Trixie that ends heart-wrenchingly with Trixie's death (I'm tearing up thinking about it). Some time after Trixie was euthanized, Koontz and his wife were still devastated (of course) and went for a walk. A golden butterfly of a type they'd never seen before fluttered around them and brought them peace. They considered it a message from Trixie. When our golden Hoover was dying of cancer, we told him he needed to send us a golden butterfly. He sent us Daisy, instead, and we occasionally refer to her as our golden butterfly. She's such a good girl!

Today's card reminded me of Trixie. And Hoover. And the incredible joy that dogs bring to our lives. Aren't we so blessed...even when we want to kill them for digging a trench around the cover of the septic tank and they come into our house covered in mud? I mean, seriously, the brat even had mud behind his ears. How?!?!

Cooper is not a golden butterfly.

Anyway, here's today's golden butterfly card, inspired by THIS GORGEOUS PIN.

The butterfly is die cut from shimmery gold vellum, and the sentiment is an old one from Papertrey. The bottom layer of the butterfly is glued to the card base, and the top two layers are glued only at the center. The effect is lovely!

Life is good. Trixie says so!

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and golden butterflies,


  1. love the card. dogs are wonderful!!

  2. So lovely. I recognized the sentiment as being from PTI. It suits the butterfly beautifully and the three beads for the body work perfectly.

  3. What a beautiful post ... dogs, butterflies and cards. Who can beat that!

  4. Life is good. Thank you for your post.


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